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Fuji Shrine cold rice porridge festival

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The date

From January 14, 2018 to January 14, 2018

About event

Cold rice porridge Festival

It is said that dishes using carbonated spring of Yuya Onsen in Kosaka-machi, Gero-shi are good for the stomach and intestines.

There is legend not to suffer from severe disease of the stomach and intestines in the year when we eat rice porridge which we cooked in mineral spring of Yuya Onsen during the cold season,

There are manners and customs to eat mineral spring rice porridge in each family during the cold season in this district.

Had this cold rice porridge to all the one that had pray at Fuji Shrine on January 14; will have.

※There is amazake, too

2018 Fuji Shinto shrine cold rice porridge festival (kangayumatsuri)

[the date] Sunday, January 14, 2018

[holding time] From 10:00 to 14:00

[place] Osakachoyuya, Gero-shi Bank we Fuji Shrine

Contact Silver we Fuji Shrine 0576-62-2054

[holding contents]

  • Cold rice porridge Festival
  • Bonfire of the New Year's decorations Festival
  • Safe Rogation Days

About prayer

As we always do prayer, one that is hoped for, please feel free to contact.

  • Building is safe
  • Business prosperity
  • Prayer that we pass
  • God favor thanks
  • Remove direction
  • Body is healthy
  • The praying accomplishment
  • Disease recovery
  • shokyukei

Contact Silver we Fuji Shrine 0576-62-2054



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