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Compendium of seasonal words ... "adult fireworks" of winter Gero Onsen "fireworks story" - fireworks

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From January 6, 2018 to January 6, 2018

About event

Fireworks story

 Compendium of seasonal words of fireworks

Fireworks story

Fireworks are launched in spring Gero Onsen on every Saturday from January to March from winter.

It is compendium of seasonal words of winter Gero Onsen fireworks story fireworks. As theme that we matched at the time is set every time, we can enjoy direction different every time.

In addition, we launch fireworks titled "Gero Onsen thanks fireworks" this time on April 1!





January: Fireworks in celebration of the New Year and coming-of-age ceremony are washed ashore.

February: Setsubun and Valentine, fireworks of passing prayer are washed ashore.

March: Fireworks supporting the Girl's Festival and white day, the departure are washed ashore.


 Furthermore! As the latest fireworks by world top-level pyrotechnician are launched, we cannot overlook.

  Display day and each theme, direction

Fireworks story

 Launching period: Every Saturday, April 1 from January 6, 2018 to March 31

(all 14 times of performances)

 Launching place: The Ohashi, Gero down stream Hida River banks of a river (stormy weather, river flooding cancellation)

 Launching time: From 20:30 20:40 (approximately ten minutes)

 Recommendation viewing place: It is around Ata Nodani (the east side) in Ohashi, Gero

 Sponsorship: Gero Onsen fireworks musical winter performance executive committee

 Contact Gero-shi synthesis tourist information center Tel: 0576-25-4711


 Schedule of 2018 "winter Gero Onsen fireworks story"

 Saturday, January 6

 Adult fireworks

 We celebrate adult and express fireworks of atmosphere of conduct adult with 20 steps of launching fireworks

 Saturday, January 13

 Flower small pieces of rice-cake put on twigs fire

 We express red-and-white flower rice cake displayed in each family of the Hida district

 Saturday, January 20

 Come spring, and come; at the end of the coldest season fireworks

 Daikan is over and is hot spring after the fireworks direction appreciation of color warm…

 Saturday, January 27

 Healthy prayer, Setsubun fireworks

 The safety of one year of expression all of you is prayed for at the bean-scattering ceremony red ogre, blue ogre

 Saturday, February 3

 Winter constellation fireworks

 Brilliant fireworks reflecting the image of star are washed ashore at clear night sky

 Saturday, February 10

 Valentine fireworks

 Passionate fireworks which support woman

 Saturday, February 17

 gambarou fireworks

 Let's do our best! We express this with appearing fireworks of spirit

 Saturday, February 24

 Pass prayer fireworks

 We pray for true mere relations (5) case in examination season and carry out five steps of display in main

 Saturday, March 3

 Hina doll fireworks

 The Girl's Festival. White, green, pink pretty fireworks of three-color rice cake

 Saturday, March 10

 White day fireworks

 Fireworks that all is all in white. It is ... with feeling of thanks for woman from man

 Saturday, March 17

 Support fireworks of graduation, the departure

 We direct fireworks of celebration that dream is filled with expectation to give glory to graduation trip including 337 beats

 Saturday, March 24

 Cherry blossom fire

 Cherry blossom viewing that one pair is early that expressed wild cherry tree, weeping cherry tree

 Saturday, March 31

Encounter fireworks

 We are very excited for new encounter and express spring desired

 Sunday, April 1

Gero Onsen thanks fireworks

 We launch with acknowledgment to everybody who visited Gero, everybody, living in Gero

Reservation of accommodation, please use Gero Onsen inn cooperative.

Gero Onsen inn information desk Tel: 0576-25-2541 

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