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Good old scenery to be connected to three springs in clear stream

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The date

From January 1, 2018 to January 1, 2018

About event

Snowy iwaoritsukyo

Mount Ontake which has been worshiped as "sacred mountain" from ancient times. Large quay "iwaoritsukyo" of lava which was also formed by great eruption of Mount Ontake 54,000 years ago. It will be that Mount Ontake mountaineers ever did safe prayer of mountain climbing towards iwaoritsu in front of this vast quay.

In such iwaoritsu, you feel power of Nature at the beginning of year, and would you you like to come to give fortune appeared in the natural phenomena?


 Cancer kei for show

  • We hang wish in iwaoritsu (we write wish, and let's hang wish!)
  • See iwaoritsu; lottery (what kind of year 2018 is And we pull paper fortune test of luck!)
  • Large Shinto straw festoon (we look at waterfall possible traffic to bridge!) which hangs over three waterfalls
  • Ichiro Oikado dance (from the first 11:00 from the second 13:00)
Date It is 14:00 from 10:00 on Monday, January 1, 2018
Place Osakachoochiai, Gero-shi cancer park for show
Map Google map (external link)We open with the other window
Access It is approximately 40 minutes via Route 41, prefectural road 437 from Gero Onsen

※Restroom is not in the field. Please use restroom of "road station hanamomo".

※For the snow, freeze, it is expected that step is bad. Come with winter clothing, waterproofing shoes.


NPO corporation Hidaosaka 200 waterfall 

 Tel: 0576-62-2215 

 Homepage: << From waterfall circulation of Kosaka from Hidaosaka 200 waterfall (external link)

The support Hidaosaka tourist association, carbonated spring schwa schwa society of Kosaka  

iwaoritsukei pays attention to Coco!

 1 "Shinto straw festoon"

 Shinto straw festoon full of handmade feelings that we made in members of NPO comes up everywhere. We raise the worship mood. Attention is Shinto straw festoon hanging over attempt "three waterfall" of the beginning of this year. We must see it.

 2 "muzzles of cow"

 Cave of lava appearing in journey to cancer park for show. We purchase votive tablet at way home of cancer worship for show, stand in cancer park for show, and let's pray! Passing can taste slight exploration feeling the interior of the womb.

 3 "privileges only for one that had you come"

 As you get himeshagano hot water and road station hanamomono discount ticket, please use.

 ◎Cancer teahouse for show

 Buffet which can eat pork miso soup, mineral spring Yudofu, oden, various things including amazake is enacted with one coin.

 ◎himeshagano hot water

 After cancer kei for show, do you not warm cool body in hot spring? 

 iwaoritsukyo himeshagano hot water: 1656, Osakachoochiai, Gero-shi << Google map (external link) >> Tel: 0576-62-3434

 ◎Road station hanamomo

 We can enjoy hanamomo curry, taste of Kosaka including mineral spring rice porridge. Please drop in.

 Road station hanamomo: 811-1, Osakachoakanta, Gero-shi << Google map (external link) >> Tel: 0576-62-1010



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