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We light up around Onsenji colored leaves

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The date

From November 9, 2018 to November 18, 2018

About event

We light up Onsenji colored leaves

In Onsenji in Gero hot-spring resort, we light up at time of in full bloom of colored leaves.

We can enter to 15 people, and, during period, "maple footbathing" comes up. We are lighted up, and night sky can enjoy footbathing while we look at colored leaves rising vividly.

After having fully thoroughly enjoyed autumn taste with dinner, to walk of hot-spring resort. If they enjoy stroll while looking at beautiful colored leaves and soak in footbath in many places, both heart and body become warm.

Do you not thoroughly enjoy relaxed time while looking at colored leaves lighted up?

Recommended spot during period

Onsenji colored leaves maple footbath

Special footbath "maple footbathing" of the main hall of a Buddhist temple front

  • You can enjoy colored leaves floating in dark night while warming body in footbath.




Onsenji colored leaves "maple moon garden"

Main hall of a Buddhist temple back "maple moon garden"

  • We can take a walk through the main hall of a Buddhist temple back. Including the large parking lot whole area to be able to enter to three trailer buses, we light up approximately 80 colored leaves.

Main hall of a Buddhist temple side "kansuitei"

Study dry landscape Japanese garden garden "dragon rouge cave"

  • We light up the night






We light up Onsenji colored leaves

Study garden special visit

  • We enter from the main hall of a Buddhist temple and can see to "between study and dry landscape Japanese garden garden, tea-ceremony room butterfly" freely. (regardless of the night and day)
  • There is display booth coloring autumn taste in study.




Furthermore, colored leaves have entertainment during period of lighting up! For more details, please see Onsenji colored leaves light up flyer.


☆Poet calligrapher, Yuki Kobayashi, "crystal exhibition of words"

 During period, it is held every day!

 Weekday From 13:00 21:00 (last entrance 20:40)

 Saturday and Sunday: From 10:00 21:00 (last entrance 20:40)

 ◎It is opening event from 17:00 on Friday, November 9: Sake offered (finished as soon as we disappear)


☆Tsugaru samisen Gero Tsubouchi society performance

 Saturday, November 10 holding!

 Part 1: It is 20:00 from 19:30

 Part 2: It is 20:45 from 20:15


☆... to tie all things to with land and person in book and art live ... sound and line of sound

 Saturday, November 17 holding!

 Time: From 20:00


☆Kids advice room

 Saturday, November 17 holding!

 Time: From the afternoon

 Trouble consultation about child, affinity judgment of young couple


The details of around Onsenji colored leaves light up 

The date  It is Sunday for 18 days from Friday, November 9, 2018
 Time  From sunset (about 16:30) to 21:00

 Buddha of Healing Ryozen Onsenji Tel: 0576-25-2465

 Gero Onsen tourist association Tel: 0576-24-1000

 Parking lot

 (1) Onsenji parking lot (is mountain side of Teraura, Onsen) which there is <free>

       (2)Gero hot-spring resort center parking lot or Gero Onsen municipal management parking lot <one hour free of charge>

       ※Even if taxi is used, we can go to the top of Onsenji.


 (in the case of car)

 ・From Chuo Expressway Nakatsu River IC via Route 257, Route 41 to Gero hot-spring resort. Approximately 52km.

 ・From Tokai cyclic motor vehicles roads Tomika Seki IC is approximately 35km via prefectural road 58. Turn left at Ijiri intersection; is approximately 28km via Route 41.

 (in the case of public transport)

 ・"Gero Station" gets off by Takayama Main Line from JR "Nagoya Station". It is approximately 15 minutes on foot from there.


 Corresponding file downloading

Onsenji colored leaves light up flyer [PDF file /1 .54 megabytes]



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