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Gero Onsen carnival 2018 autumn

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The date

From October 21, 2018 to October 21, 2018

About event

Autumn is autumn of appetite! Autumn of taste!  Speaking of taste of Gero ... Hida beef, rice.

In autumn Gero hot-spring resort, event of a lot of delicious things of Gero is held. We look forward to your coming.

The taste enjoyment of Hida beef daring fried & autumn is fair

State of carnival

 [on the date] It is 15:30 from 9:30 on Sunday, October 21, 2018 ※Rainy weather decisive action

 [admission] Free of charge

 [holding place] The Hida River riverbed (Koda) Ohashi, Gero (ideyu Ohashi) upper classes side

 Map  Google map (external link)We open with the other window

 [parking lot] Please use public parking lot in hot-spring resort.

It looks like we grill meat


 [reference] Gero Onsen inn cooperative << Homepage (external link)We open with the other window >> 

 Tel: 0576-25-2064


 Fun & highlight

Hida beef daring firing
We offer Hida beef daring fried & Hida product Koshihikari rice & mushroom juice for full-fledged 300 yen!

Eyeball of carnival having great popularity every year.

U.S. "one of Koshihikari (※) from Hida" rice and mushroom juice made specially in hometown are belonging to and provide Hida beef daring firing to at a bargain price 3,000 people of one portion 300 yen in total this year!

It is First come, first served every year as it becomes long line!

Time: From 10:00 15:00 (3,000 first arrival)

 In the case of sellout, forgive 

※With Koshihikari from Hida

 Rice delicious to the people in the know which was brought up in "Koshihikari" cooked in each places of the whole country carefully in Hida where mountain and water and air were delicious. We use in many inns of Gero Onsen, and guest is satisfied with rich sweetness and plump completion of the cooking very much.





Bazaars such as rice dumplings-on-a-stick, yakisoba, liquor, draft beer juice, good old cheap candy come up. With Hida beef, please thoroughly enjoy this♪

Extra-large footbath corner setting that 50 people accept at the same time!

100% of natural hot springs! Please refresh fatigue healing & in Gero Onsen.

Contact movement zoo

Movement Zoo conflicting with imminent animals including marmot and rabbit does♪

Main stage special plan: Swing girls of Nagoya

Free Hills jazz orchestra special live

It is BIC band which does not belong to school alone in the Tokai district where Nagoya and the young people loving the suburban jazz gathered secondary to last year.

We win the championship at many youth jazz orchestra contests, and ability is with origami as student band standing in top of Japan. From standard masterpiece to Ghibli collection that child knows, we heap up venue of carnival by certain performance and splendid stage performance very much. Don't miss it.

  • It is 12:00 from 1st. stage 11:30
  • It is 13:30 from 2st. stage 13:00

Fun lottery (14:40)

It is held fun lottery where Gero Onsen pair accommodation coupon is!

Time schedule 



 Sponsor greetings, attraction (dear drum "bloom sound")

10:00 Hida beef daring fried sale (3,000 first arrival)
10:30 Attraction (Hawaiian dance "Capua aloha Gero")
11:00 Oh, geroguru, it is mu, the minamo first


 Free Hills jazz orchestra 1st. stage

12:30 geroguru, hanamyu, the minamo second


 Free Hills jazz orchestra 2nd. stage



Meeting (Gero leading) of Gero Onsen proprietress, dancing hero (Gero Onsen tourist association)

14:40  Great lottery (1,000 child firewood)
15:30  Greetings of closing

 ※Please note that time may change on account of the schedule.

Corresponding file downloading

2018 Gero Onsen carnival flyer [PDF file /727 .76 kilobytes]


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