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Good old scenery to be connected to three springs in clear stream

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Hagiwara sightseeing Jana

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The date

From July 14, 2018 to October 8, 2018

About event

Tear off Hida; straw sightseeing Jana

We catch sweetfish with our hand in Jana ground whom we picked with the clear stream Hida River and experience!

 By tent close to Jana ground, we can thoroughly enjoy set meal full of sweetfishs such as sweetfish grilled with salt or sweetfish meal, sashimi or fried food for from 2000 yen to 4000 yen, and local cuisine "Kay Chan of Gero pride can taste, too". A lot of repeaters from distant place come every year to eat delicious sweetfish. 

 As tent of restaurant can accommodate approximately 200 people at a time and can surround to 12 people in party, customer of group can use, too.

 In addition, pond where even infant can enjoy fish handful is established permanently in front of tent. 

 You experience comfortable shimerutsukamidori from child to adult, and please come to play.

 Others, information of simple fishing ground in Gero-shi → << This (fishing) >>

 As they can experience easily, even woman and child can enjoy♪

2018 business information

Business period: From restaurant Saturday, July 14 October 8 (Monday Sundays and holidays)

        8 Jana ground (tsukamidori) month beginning plans

Business hours: It is 5:00 p.m. from 10:00 a.m.

        (we may be changed to some extent at end time)

        ※It should be customer chisel of reservation after 5:00 p.m.

Reference: We tear off Hida during season, and straw sightseeing Jana association calls: 0576-52-3755

      Whole year Hagiwara-cho tourist association call: 0576-52-2500

Parking lot: 30 (free) trailer bus parking impossibility (we wait in neighborhood national highway turnout)

Place: Hagiwarachouwamura, Gero-shi << Google map (external link) >>

Access: From Gero hot-spring resort Route 41 to the Takayama area. It is left hand riverside of going straight approximately 400m ahead at "Hanaike" intersection. (car from JR Gero Station approximately ten minutes)


Signboard and tent of mark This signboard and tentorium are marks!





★An example of dishes★

 Three A set 4,000 yen sweetfishs (or large two), sashimi (raw dishes of sweetfish), fried food, sweetfish meal (or zosui), juice

 Two B set 3,500 yen sweetfishs, sashimi (raw dishes of sweetfish), fried food, sweetfish meal (or zosui), juice

 Two C set 2,500 yen sweetfishs, fried food, sweetfish meal, juice

 Two D set 2,000 yen sweetfishs, sweetfish meal, juice

★Besides…Than foods grilled with salt 600 yen than sashimi 1,000 yen, fried food 800 yen, sweetfish meal 600 yen, sweetfish zosui 600 yen, soup 200 yen, beer (live) 450 yen, beer (bottle) 630 yen, assorted refreshments 300 yen Keichan 500 yen

※As for price or the business hours, we may change without notice

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