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Hidaosaka hanamomomatsuri

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The date

From April 28, 2018 to April 28, 2018

About event


Prefectural roads from JR Hida-Osaka Station to Nigorigo Onsen are called "Mitake, Hida hanamomo way",

When it is spring, as for red and white, the pink flower, thing flower colors roadside.

Doorway road station south Hidaosaka hanamomode "Hidaosaka hanamomomatsuri" of such Osaka Onsengo is held.

Do you not spend a time that, "oh, is happy in spite of being view with peach" when you reached in full bloom?

Holding summary

[on the date] It is 15:00 from 9:00 on Saturday, April 28, 2018 ※Rainy weather decisive action

[holding place] Road station south Hidaosaka hanamomo 



Lion dance, balloon performance, juggling



There are foods grilled with salt, ramen, barbecued chicken, French fries, yakisoba, Frankfurt of river fish, drinks, pork miso soup.

Anion is plentiful near! If we can enjoy first "waterfall circulation of Kosaka" of treasure of Gifu and do in "cancer park for show" and bath, physical stiffness comes loose, and there is "iwaoritsukyo himeshagano hot water" with effect that condition of the stomach and intestines is fixed if we drink♪

Please come to play, everyone, with your friends!



[road station south Hidaosaka hanamomo]

[address] 811-1, Osakachoakanta, Gero-shi, Gifu 
[telephone] 0576-62-1010 

[sponsorship] Hidaosaka hanamomomatsuri executive committee

[support] Oh, Kosaka-machi business and industry society, Hidaosaka tourist association, NPO corporation Hidaosaka 200 waterfall, it is peach direct marketing city meeting


Corresponding file downloading

2018 Hidaosaka hanamomomatsuri [PDF file /703 .53 kilobytes]


811-1, Osakachoakanta, Gero-shi, Gifu

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