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Phoenix Kabuki commuter pass performance

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The date

From May 3, 2018 to May 4, 2018

About event

Of Phoenix invite

Two places of soil Kabuki is left now in Gero-shi. As for one, white cloud seat in Kadowasa, Gero-shi and the other are Phoenix in Mimayano, Gero-shi.

Performance played by villagers of this Phoenix is appointed in tangible folk cultural assets of Gifu with script of the Edo era.

This Kabuki which had been got close to as the sole entertainment of farming and mountain village from the Edo era was called "play of Mimayano". Preservation society is formed in 1961 by (1961), and we put together for festival of Hie-jinja Shrine and Kumano Shinto shrine of Mimayano every year, and presentation of amateur Kabuki is performed now.

Performance information periodical for 2,018 years

[the date] May 3, 2018 (Thursday Sundays and holidays), 4th (Friday Sundays and holidays)

 ※On May 3, we hold every year on 4th. It is no charges for admission.

[holding time] The 13:00 start (with both days from 13:00 to about 19:00)

[holding place] Mimayano, Gero-shi Phoenix


  • Car: From Gero hot-spring resort is approximately 15 minutes via Route 41, 257. Is car than Chuo Expressway Nakatsu River IC; 50 minutes.
  • Public transport: "Mimayano" getting off is immediate in Nohi bus boatman bus than Gero hot-spring resort for approximately 25 minutes. One-way 650 yen

[parking lot] Approximately 50 (free)


Contact Gero-shi synthesis tourist information center Tel: 0576-25-4711


Presentation program

Presentation programs of 2018 are as follows.

 Program  First day presentation order  Second day presentation order Presentation time

Love express messenger Yamato traffic first sip of a newly-brewed sake village


 1  3  60 minutes

Three good luck crest of three comma-shaped figures in a circle white-crested waves Okawabata Koshinzuka


 2  4

 30 minutes


Yoshitsune 1,000 cherry tree Yoshinoyama


 3  5

 45 minutes


White-crested waves five man Inase River array


 4  2

 15 minutes




 5  1  45 minutes

Corresponding file downloading (2018)

2018 Phoenix Kabuki flyer [PDF file /219 .25 kilobytes]

Allied event

It is this about white cloud seat staged on November 2, 3rd → Detailed page of white cloud seat


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