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Good old scenery to be connected to three springs in clear stream

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35 kinds of programs are in G-STAY.

We are good even if we enjoy one program slowly and carefully

We are good even if we connect some plug lamb!

Do you not make trip course only for oneself?

In G-STAY Gero thoroughly! Let's enjoy

Onsenji Zen meditation
Under hiking
Sake brewery sampling
We hike leisurely in forest of lava plateau



Blueberry hunting (Tagami farm)
Muscles and bones circulation
Mineral spring dishes (old aspect ratio)
Gero Onsen


It is ... with G-STAY

geroguru travel

G is initial of Gero-shi. STAY stays. We live and are good! It comes and is good!

Program is 35 kinds in total.

Experience one program slowly and carefully from this, and connect various programs, and way of enjoying person each.

We make My program only for oneself, and let's thoroughly enjoy Gero to the full☆

Let's choose program!

It is Clik! with curious genre!

iwaoritsukyo himeshagano hot water It is healthy in ... hot spring! ...

Ultimate tomato ... agriculture experience ...

Swamp flag of Kosaka Activity ... which touches ... Nature

Observation of Kanayama huge stone group light Power spot experience ... of ... mystery

Imperial demesne brewing ... which knows ... Hida Highway

Making soba experience ... handicraft experience ...

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