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Good old scenery to be connected to three springs in clear stream

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Fishing [May 30, 2017]
About fishing information and simple fishing ground of city river

Kimono figure de walk in Gero Onsen & joining hands village

Kimono figure de walk in Gero Onsen & joining hands village! [February 7, 2017]
Guidance of experience-based plan "kimono figure de walk" that can take a walk through Gero Onsen joining hands village, Gero hot-spring resort with kimono figure


We introduce a lot of pleasant experience-based menus to add to trip a little!

G-STAY [January 23, 2017]
Guidance of optional plan "G-STAY" enjoying Gero at the full blast
It is ... in health in G-STAY - hot spring [January 23, 2017]
G-STAY (delicious agriculture experience) [March 10, 2017]
Activity ... which touches G-STAY - Nature [January 24, 2017]
We introduce experience offering nature.
Power spot experience ... of G-STAY - mystery [January 24, 2017]
... which knows G-STAY - Hida Highway [January 24, 2017]
G-STAY - handicraft experience ... [January 24, 2017]

Waterfall circulation of Kosaka

About waterfall circulation of Kosaka

Waterfall ... authorized first "waterfall circulation of Kosaka" of Kosaka-machi of "treasure of Gifu" ... [January 25, 2017]
Waterfall circulation guided tour of Kosaka [February 7, 2017]

Introduction of experience-based facility

About the details of various experience-based facilities

Tourist Farm [March 10, 2017]
Blueberry hunting, fruit tomato hunting, vegetables crop experience
Handmade Jomon experience (Gero oldness and the history Memorial) [March 3, 2017]
Lecture experience healthy in south fold health spa [January 24, 2017]
Forest of Hidaosaka Woody land contact [August 23, 2016]

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