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Hida Highway Imperial demesne morning market

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[Hida Highway Imperial demesne morning market] Extreme popularity of sellout pardon including fresh vegetables

Vegetables and cut flowers that kaku reta is fresh in hometown and special products of Hagiwara are varied!

"Fresh relief" has the quality that person from branch sends to all of you with confidence equal!

"Imperial demesne morning market" of sold out pardon. One which features contact with person from branch.

Please drop in at very pleasant Imperial demesne morning market♪ 

[Imperial demesne morning market] "We do it this year! Extreme popularity of sold out pardon!"

Shop of 18 stores energizes Hagiwara Honcho mall from morning on the average!

Last year with what! You came to one of a total of 10,270.

Please enjoy Imperial demesne morning market where popularity is sublimed into year by year!


Period Every Friday from Friday, June 22, 2018 to Friday, November 16 
[time] From 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

[place] Hagiwara, Hagiwarachohagiwara, Gero-shi Honcho mall

[access] JR Takayama Line: It is a 10-minute walk to getting off at Hida-Hagiwara Station, the west.

[parking lot] Person coming by car, please use central parking lot. Trailer bus can park, too. (free)

  ※When central parking lot is full, please use first Avenue parking lot, nebula Hall parking lot.


Contact Hagiwara-cho business and industry society 0576-52-2500



Past exhibition contents example

1.This Kosaka freshwater fish culture of Kosaka fishermen's cooperative association…amagono candied fish, bone liquor of char, straight shiitake

2.South fold health farm of four beauty…Fresh fresh vegetables odoso! Health food, brown rice

3.Mt. Masuda lily garden…Demonstration sale of saori texture

4.Farm output processing center of feather…Mitarashi-dango, sweetfish meal, soybean, salt grow on, miso

5.Fresh vegetables which have just finished being produced which stop by toward the local producer


At the end of local "good thing," we look forward to your coming.

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