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It is December from October, 2017

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About each event details page, information of the former year is placed until new information is announced.

For a long term held event information

It is Sunday, December 3 from Saturday, March 4

ideyu morning market

Gero Onsen ideyu morning market   Gero area

Morning market to treat from local special product to earthenware. It is held every day.

Every Friday from June 23 to November 17

State of Imperial demesne morning market

Imperial demesne morning market   Hagiwara area

Morning market which is held in Hida Highway Harajuku, Hagi. Fresh vegetables which local producer brought up form a line

From Saturday, July 29 to Sunday, October 1 (but, on suspension of the performance day, stage on Wednesday on August 16)We open with the other window )We open with the other window

Soshino circle

Last part of Gero Onsen joining hands village shadow picture old tale building performanceWe open with the other window   Gero area We open with the other window

Permanent shadow picture drama only in Japan. We introduce legend and old tale to reach hometown by vivid shadow picture drama. Legend "strong person Kotaro" that performance comes to Gero-shi Kosaka area in late 2017

It is Monday, October 9 from Saturday, July 15

[we tear off Hida straw sightseeing Jana] Catch omission sweetfish of the Hida River with the hand, and is restaurant; eating a food with great relish

Tear off Hida; straw sightseeing Jana   Hagiwara area

Sweetfish notsukamidoriya, delicious sweetfish dishes. Open shelf of Jana is the end of July.

From Saturday, August 20 to about the middle of October

Sweetfish dishes

Sightseeing in clear stream Maze River Jana   Maze area

Side is open without looking at satoyama restaurant.

Every Friday from Friday, September 8 to Friday, October 27, all eight times

Dumb person festival

We push Hida Highway and worship   Hagiwara area

It is pub crawl for 3,500 yen in three shops in Hidahagiwara. We go barhopping happily together♪ 

We always carry outWe open with the other window

State that we are guiding
We enjoy country feeling around Gero Onsen joining hands village hearthWe open with the other window   Gero area

Event information

Sunday, October 8

October 28, Mitake panorama ground

The third Hidaosaka ontake panorama walking & jogging   Kosaka area

Let's walk up-and-coming area with Akemi Masuda for Tokyo Olympics now

Sunday, October 1

Rice dumplings-on-a-stick (the Nakatsu River)

The fifth turning stage mountain pass umaimon festival   Gero area

"umaimon" of Gero-shi and Nakatsugawa-shi gathers a lot! Pleasant plans are varied!

Saturday, October 8

Gero Onsen Shrine annual festival

Gero Onsen Shrine annual festival (Gero hot-spring resort)   Gero area

Annual festival to appreciate blessing of everyday hot spring

The middle of October

Soshino Hachiman shrine

◆Soshino Yahata Shrine annual festival

Of Gujo dance "spare river"; nimoutawareta annual festival. God sword "Soshino circle" that we made bad Genta justice flat ga baboon extermination is enshrined.

Sunday, October 22

Hida beef daring firing

Gero Onsen carnival 2017 autumn   Gero area

We establish local ingredients and bazaar and footbath section that it merged with acknowledgment to Hida beef 

Sunday, October 22We open with the other window


Hidaosaka trout fishing meetWe open with the other window   Kosaka area

amago fishing meeting to be held in clear stream Kosaka River. 

Inquiry: 0576-52-1035

Sunday, October 8

Village health walk of Maze clear stream

The sixth Maze sweetfish marathon event   Maze area

We hold sweetfish Festival at the same time! Let's run in village forest of Maze! Let's eat sweetfish of Maze!

Friday, October 27 28th Saturday 29th Sunday

The silver flower-so front

Exhibition of silver flower-so autumn   Hagiwara area

House conveying "Masuda structure" to remain in Gero-shi house in now, autumn exhibition.


Sunday, November 5

Fold Kanayama clear stream marathon

Village 42nd fold Kanayama clear stream marathon of Gifu butterfly   Kanayama area

Natural rich course that lies across beautiful clear stream in looking askance at. Record of race is measured for runners tip, and identification of record is issued, too.

Thursday, November 2, 3rd (Friday Sundays and holidays)

White cloud seat Kabuki

White cloud seat Kabuki (Kadowasa)   Gero area

Hometown Kabuki is performed in white cloud seat having "revolving stage" of country finger Sadashige materiality race cultural assets required.

The beginning of November

Maze Nordic events walking

Village Nordic events walking of oldness and festival, Maze clear stream of south Maze, Hida autumn   Maze area

We hold Nordic events walking meeting around delicious bazaar of special product of Maze and hall of waterside around clear stream contact hall.

It is Sunday for 19 days from Friday, November 10

We light up Onsenji colored leaves

We light up around Onsenji colored leaves   Gero area

Onsenji that is famous for Shirasagi legend is lighted up with autumn colored leaves.

Sunday, November 12

Char Festival

Kosaka char Festival   Kosaka area

Event that can thoroughly enjoy unrivaled article grilled with salt "char" which grew up with one-year acknowledgment in clear stream of Kosaka

December 2, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 24th (every Saturday)

[Gero Onsen fireworks musical] Special direction fireworks which are washed ashore to music

Gero Onsen fireworks musical winter performance   Gero area

Natural scene or object which adds poetic charm to the season of winter Gero Onsen. Live show of sound and light that fireworks are washed ashore at to various music.

The middle of December 

Flower rice cake

◆& making of decoration with greeting the New Year rice cake that we hang down and pay willow flower  Gero area We open with the other window

It is event to hang down, and to make with willow branch only in Gero with pastime that gives poetic charm "we have flower decoration" of Hida. Entrance fee for free

Contact Gero Onsen inn cooperativeWe open with the other window  0576-25-2541

The middle of DecemberWe open with the other window  


Footbath of Gero Onsen joining hands village citronWe open with the other window   Gero area We open with the other window

We put together in winter solstice on December 22 and are warm in "citron" in footbath

Sunday, December 24

[candle illuminations] Approximately 3,000 candles create romantic Christmas

 Love & Peace candle illuminations in Gero Onsen   Gero area

It is done konto with wish around dove "Chaplin image" in white heron bridge of Gero hot-spring resort

※Event information is thing as of December, 2017. Please note that you change without notice and may cancel.


2017  It is March from January  2017  It is June from April  2017  It is September from July  2017  It is December from October

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