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Good old scenery to be connected to three springs in clear stream

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Winter Gero Onsen "fireworks story" [December 27, 2018]
About Gero Onsen fireworks musical winter performance [November 20, 2018]
We send fireworks of impression given sound and light. There are "present fireworks, too" and cannot take our eyes off winter Gero Onsen.
Gero Onsen festival [July 30, 2018]
About publication of whole Gero-shi ecotourism promotion design [February 28, 2018]
We stay leisurely while enjoying meal and agriculture, country experience! [February 7, 2017]
Kimono look de walk in Gero Onsen & joining hands village! [February 7, 2017]
Guidance of experience-based plan "kimono look de walk" that can take a walk through Gero Onsen joining hands village, Gero hot-spring resort with kimono look
The music "murmuring" that imaged Gero of erhu player way way Woo! [December 28, 2016]

Seasonal main event introductions

Spring main events [December 14, 2018]
Guardian deity of a rice field Festival, soil Doll's Festival, ideyu morning market, Phoenix Kabuki
Summer main events [June 15, 2018]
ideyu night market, Gero Onsen festival, oldness and Hagiwara summer festival, Hidakanayama summer festival, Hidaosaka having the strength of the horse Kotaro fire Festival, Maze River size fireworks
Autumn main events [September 13, 2018]
We light up Gero Onsen Shrine annual festival, white cloud seat Kabuki, around Onsenji colored leaves
Winter main events [October 12, 2018]
Gero Onsen fireworks musical winter performance, candle illuminations, winter Gero Onsen fireworks story

We look for from genre

Festival (annual festival) [February 17, 2017]
Gero Onsen festival [July 30, 2018]
Festival (event) [February 7, 2017]
Fireworks [June 19, 2018]
Light up illuminations [June 19, 2018]
Sports, fishing event [December 14, 2018]
Gourmet event [June 19, 2018]
Culture event [February 7, 2017]

Morning market, night market

About morning market, night market

Gero Onsen ideyu night market [June 19, 2018]
Hida Highway Imperial demesne morning market [May 16, 2018]
Gero Onsen ideyu morning market [April 2, 2018]

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