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About transportation to Gero caused by heavy rain until July 7

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It stops driving by earth and sand outflows caused by heavy rain until July 7 daylong between Gero Station from JR Takayama Main Line Hida-Kanayama Station.

In addition, limited express "wide view fold" becomes all section suspension, and possibility of resumption does not rise.


Bus representation transportation is carried out between Gero Station from Hida-Kanayama Station!

We carry out bus representation transportation between Gero Station from Hida-Kanayama Station from Thursday, July 12.


About transportation of acting bus

・It takes time than train. Delay may occur by road circumstances.

・When I exceed complement, I may decline ride. Thank you for your understanding.


Timetable of Takayama Main Line from July 12 is largely changed to put together in time for representation bus.

For more details, please see homepage of following PDF file or JR Central.


JR Central homepage This



We operate tour bus between the Nakatsu River from Gero linking Chuo Main Line!

We carry out "special tour" to link Nakatsugawa Station from Gero Station from Saturday, July 14 to Friday, August 10.
 (we extend depending on the situation of ※ JR)


 Gero Onsen special tour

It is held every day during Friday, August 10 from Saturday, July 14 during period!

We commute on 2 on service 1st  ※Route 257 way

Under rate one way 2,000 yen 3 years old for free (when securing of ※ seat is necessary, rate is necessary)

Customer who stays at target person Gero Onsen inn cooperative participation hotel

Staying in reference inn or  Gero Onsen inn cooperative  Telephone: 0576-25-2541 (from 8:30 17:00)


Operational hour, route

The first flight (return journey): 9:30 Gero Station anticipation      Arrival at 11:10 Nakatsugawa station square

The second flight (outward trip): 11:45 Nakatsugawa Station anticipation    Arrival at 13:25 Gero station square

The third flight (return journey): 14:00 Gero Station anticipation     Arrival at 15:40 Nakatsugawa station square

The fourth flight (outward trip): 16:15 Nakatsugawa Station anticipation    Arrival at 17:55 Gero station square


★Stopover is impossible. We drop in on the way in 1 facility and see the sights.

★Minimum passenger count is one person.

★It is all seat designation on first-come-first-served basis. Please note that seat number designation is not possible.

★All cars are "non-smoking, temperance".

★We hear the following contents at the time of reservation.

 (1) Ride day

 (2) When we do not understand the flight number (from the first flight to the fourth flight), we confirm in the departure time

 (3) The ride number of people

 (4) Accommodation inn name

 (5) The name, phone number (tell about number of cell-phone if possible)



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