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Good old scenery to be connected to three springs in clear stream

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Photograph library 

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 Photograph library

 Attention on using

 This photograph library loans image data for the purpose of sightseeing PR of Gero-shi free. When you are used as copyright of photograph published in this site belongs to Gero-shi, please contact sightseeing in Gero-shi government office business and industry region Tourism Division. When there is use of image written consent (format freedom), the FAX transmission is possible, too. In addition, please observe the next instructions in use.


  •  We admit use that we trim in the range of minimum by purpose to use and use without limit. But we trim authorized person in image, and use to have nothing to do with purpose of sightseeing promotion of Gero clearly declines limit batsu itarinado.
  • I decline use changing image to have of original photograph by corrections such as colors of photograph.
  •  Thing which does not lose sightseeing image of Gero is best as for use use of image. In addition, I decline use to spoil image of original photograph by quantity of data lack by use that we enlarge photograph remarkably.
  • We prohibit the second distribution of image.
  • We cannot use for the purpose of image itself. (photographer, collection of material, picture postcard)
  • Depending on contents of photograph publication, we may become a target of compensation for damages by copyright infringement.
  • Size, resolution of photograph vary according to photographs.
  • When you contact when big image of size is necessary, please offer so.
  • You click the right button of the extended image which there is on detailed page of image on the use and store image, and please use.


Contact information

 Sightseeing in Gero-shi government office business and industry part Tourism Division
 Telephone: 0576-24-2222 (main)
 FAX: 0576-25-3252


Photograph library genre choice

Hot spring

 Including whole view of Gero hot-spring resort with the history of 1,000 years, we can enjoy fountain pond which is symbol and seasonal scenery.

Nature, scenery

 In the south including "Nanari Nakayama" "clear stream Maze River" "waterfall of Kosaka", the north can enjoy nature full of ups and downs to sacred mountain Mount Ontake from Hida Kiso River quasi-national park.

The history, culture

 We can feel profundity of Gero-shi including historical Shinto shrine Buddhist temple which ancient people protected and folk art inherited in now.

Festival, event

 Hot thought of appearance and people of atmospheric "stillness" is drawn into scenery of coming "motion".

Taste, special product

 Including "Hida beef" of first-class brand and "sweetfish of the Maze River," "we do "Kay Chan" of local cuisine "Hoba zushi" without sleeping" and can enjoy meal, special product only in Hida area including "eyes of dragon" and "tomato" which rich nature brought up "mushroom".

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Sightseeing in Gero-shi government office business and industry part Tourism Division
〒509-2295 960, Mori, Gero-shi, Gifu
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