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Good old scenery to be connected to three springs in clear stream

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Sightseeing guide map, parking lot map

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 Gero-shi, Gero hot-spring resort map

Please go for walk of Gero hot-spring resort with map.

Map the lower part Corresponding file downloading It is in ".

  1. It is map for Gero hot-spring resort MAP ... Gero hot-spring resort walk
  2. It is list of parking lots in Gero Onsen parking lot map ... Gero hot-spring resort
  3. It is sightseeing guide map in Gero city sightseeing guide map ... Gero-shi
  4. It is MAP of Gero Onsen (English) ... guide map for foreign language

Main parking lots in Gero hot-spring resort

 As there is public parking lot in Gero hot-spring resort, please use.  

 Detailed map is the lower part Please refer to "corresponding file (2) Gero Onsen parking lot MAP".

  Parking lot name (place) Accommodation number Rate  

 Municipal Gero Onsen parking lot

 (town street entrance, forest Yahata Shrine near hot water)

Address: 1126-1, Mori, Gero-shi


The first one hour free of charge

 More than one hour

 30 minutes 100 yen

 ※Only as for the car, parking is usually possible


 Central parking lot

 (we turn to the town street center of hot water, former Gifu Bank)


(8-22:00) 60 minutes 100 yen

(22-8:00) 60 minutes 50 yen

Hot water, hot spring Museum user of white heron is free for one hour

(3) Doctor parking lot
(we turn to kuagaden open-air bath)

(8-22:00) 30 minutes 100 yen

(22-8:00) 30 minutes 50 yen

kuagaden open-air bath, meal Aya bunch "runs", and user is free for one hour


 Joining hands village parking lot

 (from Gero Tunnel south signal forest intersection

 Joining hands village front entrance this side)

92 It is free daylong  
(5)  Morning market joining hands village parking lot 38 It is free daylong  
(6)  Rain feeling park parking lot   15 It is free daylong  
(7)  Gero Onsen honor parking 24

 20 minutes 100 yen

 ※After the five hours course less than 24 hours 1,500 yen (rate maximum for one day)

 ※Only as for the car, parking is usually possible

(8)  The Meitetsu Kyosho parking Gero station square 12

 30 minutes 100 yen

 ※Than parking until 24 hours 600 yen (rate maximum for one day)

(9) Municipal Adano parking lot 39

The first one hour free of charge

 More than one hour

 30 minutes 100 yen

 ※Only as for the car, parking is usually possible


 Microbus and trailer bus parking lot

Please use Gero parking center (hotel wish river building neighborhood). (※ civilian)

 [reference] 0576-25-3168
 [Gero parking center place] Yunoshima, Gero-shi << Google map (external link) >>

 ※When the reference mentioned above is not connected, please call at the following.

 Sightseeing in masuya department store: 0576-25-2320


 About electric car quick-charger

In Gero Onsen joining hands village, you can use electric car (EV) quick-charger. Use time or rate are as follows.

  • Setting place: One east side of Gero Onsen joining hands village parking lot
  • Charge: 500 yen/time (tax-excluded)  ※It can be charged from charge time of 30 minutes to around 80%.
  • Use time: Available 24 hours a day
  • Operation method: Please see attached "use guide".


  •  You cannot use plug in high Bullitt car (PHV).
  • The top that you are watching is right, and operation of battery charger, please perform "use guide".
  • You warn walkers enough, and, on comings and goings to charge space, please keep in mind for careful driving.
  • About accident, the damage, theft in case of during charge and comings and goings to charge space, we do not take responsibility at all.                

[ask facility] Gero Onsen joining hands village 0576-25-2239

[inquiry of battery charger operation] Japan charge network 0570-200-588

 Corresponding file downloading 

(1)Gero hot-spring resort guide map [PDF file /8 .63 megabytes]
(5)Gero Onsen access map [PDF file /6 .33 megabytes]

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