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Firefly information of Kadowasa River

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We can see gregarious life of firefly in Kadowasa river flowing through Kadowasa, Gero-shi grounds. The length is big in firefly and firefly emits strong light. Firefly of Kadowasa River in particular was appointed to natural monument of Gifu in 1969.

The firefly appearance situation of Kadowasa River

[the situation of average year] On damp day when we did dimly, as for the night more than 20 degrees Celsius, temperature is high in incidence of firefly.

◆Kadowasa River (Kadowasa, Gero-shi striking sparks)

 Firefly of Kadowasa River reaches in full bloom for the late June and early July.

 About 21:00 is recommended from 19:30.


Famous spot of firefly

Firefly of Kadowasa River

 Firefly of Kadowasa River

Place Kadowasa, Gero-shi striking sparks
Map Google map (external link)
Time and time when firefly dances It is about 21:00 from every year 19:30 from late June through early July
Access (in the case of car) It is approximately 30 minutes via Route 41, prefectural road Route 432 from Gero hot-spring resort



Request about firefly admiration

  • You harm to firefly, and please never perform act disturbing ecosystem.
  • Please take garbage home with you by all means.
  • When you go by car, please be careful as width becomes narrow.
  • When it is parked, please be careful about other cars enough.

I would like your cooperation every year to look at beautiful firefly.


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