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Introduction of Hidakanayama hot spring

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○Hidakanayama hot spring

   Hidakanayama that overflowed in the scenery beauty that mountain and river, rich nature weave is the ground of Gifu butterfly discovery seasonally. Here, it will be that anyone can meet original scenery of heart.

  Area of healing that we are well, and "village of forest skipping wellness" gives mind and body which modern people were tired from against a backdrop of such a beautiful natural environments. Hidakanayama hot spring hot water ttari building, Riverside sports center, road station are pretty, and facilities such as chotoriyokocho gather and provide new health promotion which took in "nourishment, exercise, rest" in a good balance.

Gifu butterfly

 ○Place of Hidakanayama hot spring

 Address  Kaneyama-machi, Gero-shi, Gifu
 Map  << Google map (external link) >>


 ○Effect of hot spring

 Spring quality  Simple spring (alkaline simple spring)  
 Effect  Neuralgia, muscular pain, poor circulation


 ◎Accommodation guidance of Kanayama area◎  

 Kaneyama-machi tourist association Tel: 0576-32-3544 or 32-2682   Kaneyama-machi tourist association homepage (external link)



 ○One-day spa facility of Hidakanayama hot spring

 [hot water ttari building]

  There are eight kinds of baths including cold bath that lets you beat, and used hot water and lying-down bath, douche bath, the source and is hot spring to be able to enjoy all day long leisurely. We can taste local local cuisine at restaurant in hall, too.


 Place  973-2, Kanayamachokanayama, Gero-shi, Gifu
 Business hours  From 10:00 21:00 (in the reception desk until 20:00)
 Regular holiday  No fixed holiday (around five days a year) ※In the case of the use, please refer.
 Bathing rate

 Adult (less than 70 years old from 16 years old) 480 yen

 Silver (70 years old or older) 380 yen

 Child (less than 16 years old from 3 years old) 380 yen

 Parking lot 100 (free), trailer bus parking are possible 

Hidakanayama hot spring hot water ttari building

Tel: 0576-33-2492

 Facility URL Hidakanayama hot spring hot water ttari building (external link)
Spacious hall

 [pretty road station]

  It is facility which day trip bath, accommodation, meal are reasonable casually, and they are available to. There is chotoriyokocho where special product (including freshness vegetables hijiri mushroom, rice, tea, wooden goods) only in local Kanayama is available in the neighbor.


Place  911-1, Kanayamachokanayama, Gero-shi, Gifu
Business hours

 (morning bath) It is 9:00 from 7:00

 (normal bathing) is 21:00 from 11:00

Regular holiday  Every month third Thursday (Tuesday suspension of business on day in the case of holiday before last)
Bathing rate

 Adult (more than junior high student) 450 yen, primary schoolchild 300 yen

 ※Under 6 years old are free

Parking lot 39 (free), trailer bus parking are possible 

 Village hot spring, road station of forest going Hidakanayama is pretty

 Tel: 0576-32-4855

Facility URL Pretty village hot spring, road station of forest to pull Hidakanayama (external link)

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