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Good old scenery to be connected to three springs in clear stream

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Introduction of Minamihida Mazegawa Onsen

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Minamihida Mazegawa Onsen

Scenery of Maze

We utilized the high quality hot spring, and "spar biki" which 15 kinds of hot springs bath could enjoy around source place in 1996 opened Minamihida Mazegawa Onsen that we dug up for oldness and construction fund in 1990.

In addition, "halls of fishing center waterside" which clear stream therapy in accommodations "hotel biki" of stay type and the clear stream Maze River can experience are maintained, and heart and soul are beautiful, and shining village names the facility group whole area "village of biki", and it is in hot spring to carry one end of sightseeing of Maze area and activated base and south Hida international health health resort on. In addition, "footbath of biki" "Maze River terrace" is completed in July, 2011. You can enjoy meal and break while hearing the murmuring.

Maze, Gero-shi area served as participation to "the Most Beautiful Villages in Japan" in 2007. The scenery to watch from "village of biki" is right original scenery of Japan. We soften heart of coming person wealthily.

In addition, it was that taste and fragrance were good, and sweetfish of the clear stream Maze River was reputation, but sweetfish of the Maze River acquired the grand prix wonderfully in "work sweetfish society special in Tokyo" performed in Tokyo in 2007. 17 rivers elected in the grand prix, associate grand prix tonattanakakara executive committee in "visiting clear streams work sweetfish society" which had been performed in Shikoku Kochi for ten years exhibited sweetfish at this meeting and examined taste, figure, fragrance of sweetfish.


Sweetfish of best Maze in Japan, scenery of beautiful Maze and hot spring. We can spend a relaxed time in green and Nature among clear streams.

About Minamihida Mazegawa Onsen

 Address  Maze, Gero-shi, Gifu
 Map   Google map (external link)

Effect of hot spring

 Spring quality  Simple spring (alkaline simple spring)  
 Effect  Neuralgia, muscular pain, exercise paralysis, bruise, kujikinado

One-day spa facility

 [village spar biki of biki]

Village of biki

"Village of biki" establishes the accommodations together with hot spring. There are 15 kinds of indoor baths including steam bath and box steaming and two kinds of open-air baths in spa facility "spar biki".

 Place  1695, Mazenishimura, Gero-shi, Gifu
 Business hours  From 10:30 21:30 (in the reception desk until 21:00)
 Regular holiday  No fixed holiday (there are closed days with the uncertainty for machine appliance check)
 Bathing rate  700 yen for adults, small, junior high student 400 yen
 Parking lot 160, trailer bus parking are possible 

 Maze synthesis sightseeing company

 Tel: 0576-47-2641

 Facility URL Village (external link) of biki

Accommodation guidance of Maze area

South Hida Maze River Tourism Association homepage (external link)

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