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Introduction of Norimasa hot spring

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Norimasa hot spring 

Norimasa hot spring

Discovery before 1747 (Enkyo 4) and historical hot spring where we are informed, and there is simple taste. Drinking is possible in fukumitansan, alkaline spring, and spring quality is said to be effective against arthralgia.

There is "Norimasa Otaki" of drop 21m when we go ahead through Norimasa hot spring to the depths. This waterfall has few changes of water temperature, and Takimizu is used for wasabi cultivation and is one of 50 selections of Gifu famous clear water. As we can go to basin of a waterfall neighborhood, we fully take spray of waterfall in summer and can enjoy the cool air.




Place of Norimasa hot spring

 Place  Norimasa, Gero-shi, Gifu
 Map   Google map (external link)

 Effect of hot spring

 Spring quality  Hydrogen carbonate spring (fukumitansan, alkaline spring)  
 Effect  Arthralgia, chronic digestive organ illness

Guidance of the accommodations

 Please inquire for the accommodations at the following.

 Gero-shi synthesis tourist information center Tel: 0576-25-4711

 ※There is only one accommodation. We provide dishes which put true heart only by the time using wild plants in homey warm hotel.

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