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Introduction of Hida River hot spring

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Hida River hot spring

"Hot water which Hida River hot spring does not soak" into which there is in "theme park of health and beauty" which utilized rich nature of south Hida south Hida international healthy health resort opens in 2004 and can enjoy medicinal herb hot water, natural hot spring while expecting various expressions that the four seasons charm.

Here, there is chartered bath to be able to enjoy in exercise bath pool, medicinal herb bath, large communal bath, open-air bath and family, group which utilized hot spring under the theme of health promotion to the full.

In "south fold health spa in neighborhood of "bath where does not ache"," we establish heart including forest observation society of sobauchiya medicinal herb and various experience lectures for the purpose of physical refreshment, health promotion a lot.

Effect of hot spring

 Spring quality  Simple spring (alkaline simple spring)  
 Effect  Neuralgia, muscular pain, digestive organ disease, hemorrhoids, stiff and painful shoulder of fifty years of age

Place of Hida River hot spring

 Address  Hagiwarachoshimi, Gero-shi, Gifu
 Map   Google map (external link)

Accommodation guidance of Hagiwara area

  Hagiwara-cho business and industry society homepage (external link)

One-day spa facility of Hida River hot spring

[bath where does not ache from Hida River hot spring]

Bath where does not ache from Hida River hot spring

kua facility for the purpose of health promotion that hot spring bath and exercise bath in hot spring pool can enjoy casually. In these outskirts, wonderful much cherry blossom viewing visitors that we hang down, and a lot of cherry trees enjoyed beautiful cherry tree in spring heal heart in this hot spring.





 Place  1426-1, Hagiwarachoshimi, Gero-shi, Gifu
 Business hours

 From 10:30 21:30 (from April from June, September March)

 From 10:00 21:30 (from July August)

 Regular holiday  Every Tuesday (in the case of holiday, we are closed the next day)
 Bathing rate

 (only as for the use of hot spring)

  • Adult (more than junior high student) 600 yen
    • ※Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are 650 yen for adults
  • Primary schoolchild 300 yen
  • Family bath 2,500 yen (for 45 minutes, it needs reservations)

  (hot spring and use of pool) 700 yen for adults, primary schoolchild 400 yen

 Parking lot 60 (free), trailer bus parking are possible 

 Bath where does not ache from Hida River hot spring

 Telephone: 0576-56-4326

 Facility URL Bath (external link) where does not ache from Hida River hot spring

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