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Good old scenery to be connected to three springs in clear stream

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Introduction of Shitajima Onsen

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Shitajima Onsen

Shitajima Onsen

Shimoshima (shitajima) hot spring is known as wound hot water from old days and is hot spring resort featuring rustic scenery along clear stream. It was accommodation of holding an additional business of farmhouse, but Yuya Onsen and mineral spring of the same quality were discovered as soon as inn was built in 1931, and facility was expanded more before, too.

There is Kazuyuki torii of the former Mount Ontake mountain trail first stage near by, and former feature is remembered and can enjoy walk to Gifu designation natural monument "iwaoritsu" (dandy cancer) again.

Neighboring valleys are treasure houses of river fish including char amago, and there are many too good points to angler. We enjoy nature and taste simple mountain village dishes and can indulge in oldness and feeling.

Place of Shitajima Onsen

 Address  Osakachoochiai, Gero-shi, Gifu
 Map   Google map (external link)

Effect of hot spring

 Spring quality

 Ferruginous spring

 (fukumitetsu (2)- sodium - hydrogen carbonate, chloride mineral spring)  

 Effect  Neuralgia, cut, digestive organ disease, burn, dermatopathia

Guidance of the accommodations

Please inquire for the accommodations as follows.

 Hidaosaka tourist association Tel: 0576-62-2570    Hidaosaka tourist association homepage (external link)

 ※Other than Shitajima Onsen, inn information of Yuya Onsen, Nigorigo Onsen is included, too.

Day trip bath facility of Shitajima Onsen

[iwaoritsukyo himeshagano hot water] 

iwaoritsukyo himeshagano hot water

We can enjoy several kinds of hot springs such as large communal bath characterized by hot water of dark brown, herb steam bath or medicinal herb bath. There is "iwaoritsukyo" near. After walk is good to sweat.

 "Source same bath" enjoy, and bath towel warms repeatedly even if the same cold fountain (24 degrees Celsius) is cold in hot spring of schwa schwa.

 At "spring water drinking place used for a long time," you can take hot water of taste such as thick natural cider home with you. When we use for dishes such as Yudofu or shabu-shabu at home, how about? (approximately one week by refrigerator storage in container bringing required, peak condition period.)


 Place  Osakachoochiai, Gero-shi, Gifu
 Business hours  From 10:00 21:00 (until reception desk 20:30)
 Regular holiday  On Wednesday
 Bathing rate  650 yen for adults, primary schoolchild 300 yen
 Parking lot 100 (free), trailer bus possibility 

 iwaoritsukyo himeshagano hot water

 Telephone: 0576-62-3434

 Facility URL iwaoritsukyo himeshagano hot water (external link)

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