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Introduction of Nigorigo Onsen

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Nigorigo Onsen

Nigorigo Onsen whole view

Cloudiness river (muddy) hot spring is known as Hida side starting point of a mountain climb of sacred mountain Mount Ontake and is high place hot spring resort eminent for business hot-spring resort in Japan in whole year at 1,800m above sea level.

We were reclaimed as spa hotel place from about 1887 and were told that mountaineer became able to stay, and road traffic to Nigorigo Onsen was enabled via Akigami Onsen from Kuguno in 1955, and it was in accommodation hot spring resort.

Road from the Kosaka side was completed in 1958, too, and more tourists came to come. We can indulge in hot spring feeling that is full of rural beauty while there is the unexplored hot spring mood, and virgin forests grow thick. 

High-altitude training facility "Mitake panorama ground" opens in 2007. We lead all weather type 400m truck 6 courses, Wood tip running course of 500m, and see sacred mountain Mount Ontake and are endowed with very large and rich Nature and attract attention as place of high-altitude training.

Journey (prefectural road Route 441) to Nigorigo Onsen is called Mitake panorama line and is superb view spot that Mount Ontake and the Japan's longest lava flow can overlook. Drive of early summer and time of colored leaves is particularly recommended.

Place of Nigorigo Onsen

 Address  Osakachoochiai, Gero-shi, Gifu cloudiness river
 Map  << Google map (external link) >>

Effect of hot spring

 Spring quality

 Hydrogen carbonate spring

 (sodium calcium - hydrogen carbonate, sulfate hot spring)  

 Effect  Neuralgia, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure


 ○In the case of car

 (1)It is approximately 120 minutes via Route 41 (the Takayama area), prefectural road Route 437, prefectural road Route 441 from Gero Onsen

 (2)It is approximately 100 minutes via Route 41 (the Gero area), prefectural road Route 437, prefectural road Route 441 from Takayama

 ※Traffic of trailer bus (more than 8m) is impossible.

 ※There is place becoming traffic lane on the way for 1. In addition, a lot of curves, please be careful about speeding for mountain path (please obey real traffic regulation).

 ○In the case of JR

 (1)Getting off at JR Takayama Main Line Hida-Osaka Station 

 (2)Getting off at JR Takayama Main Line Gero Station 

 ※There is not route bus to Nigorigo Onsen. As there is service to meet to station depending on hotel stayed at, and to be cooked, please refer to each inn.

 ※One hour 20 minutes, rate is 13,000 yen from approximately 12,000 by the use by getting off at JR Takayama Main Line Hida-Osaka Station, taxi to Nigorigo Onsen. Because number of taxi is limited, reservation is necessary up to five days before from one week.

 Guidance of the accommodations

 Please inquire for the accommodations as follows

  Hidaosaka tourist association Tel: 0576-62-2570   Hidaosaka tourist association homepage (external link)

 ※Other than Nigorigo Onsen, inn information of Shitajima Onsen, Yuya Onsen is included, too.

One-day spa facility of Nigorigo Onsen

 [Nigorigo Onsen municipal management open-air bath] 

Nigorigo Onsen private open-air bath

 At municipal outdoor bath in seat of Nigorigo Onsen, there is big bathtub according to man and woman. Hot spring full of rural beauty.

 Place  Osakachoochiai, Gero-shi, Gifu
 Business hours

 It is 17:00 from 9:00

 We do business from mid-April through mid-November. (plan from April 20 to around November 10 for 2,018 years.)

 (business end day may be changed by ※ weather. Please refer at the following.)

 Regular holiday  There is no during period. (we do business by ※ weather and cancel. We take a rest for the mid-November and mid-April)
 Bathing rate  500 yen for adults, primary schoolchild 300 yen
 Parking lot 20 (free), trailer bus impossibility 

 Nigorigo Onsen municipal management open-air bath

 Tel: 0576-62-3373 (chisel during business period)

 ※It may be hard to be connected.

 Remarks  In shampoo, soap bathroom reserve towel (200 yen)

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