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Introduction of Gero Onsen

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Gero Onsen

Gero Onsen model

Gero Onsen that we are informed when we change figure to one white heron that The Buddha of Healing was hurt and heal wound in the Hida River and told villager about whereabouts of the source.

Confucianism person Razan Hayashi of the Edo era named Gero Onsen "three springs of the world" with Arima, Kusatsu. It developed by opening of JR Takayama Line including the Gero Station opening of business of 1930 and whole line opening of Route 41.

We control hot spring intensively for hot spring protection from 1974 and are performing hot water supply of hot spring of 55 degrees now at each inn.



Place of Gero Onsen

 Address  Gero-shi, Gifu
 Map   Google map (external link)

Effect of hot spring

 Spring quality  Simple spring (alkaline simple spring)
 Effect Rheumatism, functional motility disorder, neurosis, nerve paralysis, convalescent recovery, relieving fatigue
There is an effect superior in beauty and health promotion.

Introduction of Gero Onsen

Discovery of hot spring 

In place approximately 4 kilos away from hot-spring resort of Gero, there is mountain of 1,067m above sea level called hot water ka peak. This mountain is volcano which erupted approximately 100,000 years ago.

When Gero Onsen was discovered near top of this hot water ka peak in the Tenryaku year (from 947 957 years) equal to middle part of the Heian era, we are informed. About the discovery generation, there are the Engi era year (from 901 923 years) and book which we wrote down other than this Tenryaku year and book to do. It is in "Hida will" that Tadataka Hasegawa finished by life of general Yoshimune that served 7s - Hida chief administrator with the Tenryaku year, and there is in "Hida chronological order essentials of history" with the Engi era year.

Movement of rediscovery, gush place of hot spring 

Hot spring which gushed out near top of hot water ka peak in 1265 (Bunei 2) when was in the middle of the Kamakura era did not appear suddenly and was discovered again in riverbank of the Hida River which drifted to place said to be source place now namely the center of hot-spring resort. Story concerning rediscovery of hot spring comes as "white heron legend" in now.

Place where hot spring appeared moved from mountains of 1,067m above sea level to level ground, and the use of hot spring became convenient at all, and reputation of excellent spring opened in each place. In terminal 1265 (Entoku 1) of the Muromachi era, Buddhist priest, Shuku Banri of Mt. Kyoto five where travelogue did each places of the whole country visit Gero Onsen and praise way of excellent spring.

Excellent bath of Japan

It was Buddhist priest, Shuku Banri of Mt. Kyoto five of the Muromachi era to have introduced that Gero Onsen was excellent hot water to the world for the first time. "It is soul hot water every this country whole of Japan in the poetry collection of works "Japanese apricot exhaustlessness". The prime example is written down with Kusatsu of Ueno, Arima of Tsu positive, Yushima (Gero) of Hida, these three places.

Confucianism person Razan Hayashi is doing evaluation like Shuku Banri in the Edo era, too, to "Razan Hayashi book of verse third southwest line journal" "our country has a lot hot spring in states. There is the most remarkable thing with Arima of Settsu, Kusatsu of Joshu, Yushima (Gero) of Hida, these three places, more "Arima, Kusatsu are just in place that the world knows widely. It continues saying there is no that thing as old soul hot water, thing sho nashitoiedomo to know distantly, person taking a bath do not get the omen in Yushima and conveys that Gero Onsen is excellent hot water.

Origin of the place name

 "Distant, in article of "Japanese period sequel to" 776 (Christian era 776 years) October, particularly do Mino country Sugata station (※ (1)) and Hida country Ohno attendant existence (joryu) Station (※ (2)) and Aisari rukoto 74 village, Iwatani place hard to pass deep nishite trip. We put one station at the middle, and there is saying we name and say shitaryu (※ (3)), and this shitaryu (we do, and thing stops) is said to be shitaryu (geru), Gero when it was.

 ※(1) Kaneyama-machi, Gero-shi Sugata as of Mino country Sugata station ...   ※(2) Hagiwarachojoro as of Hida country Ono-gun attendant existence station ...  ※(3) Gero as of bottom clip Station ...

Popular secret

Gero Onsen is water-clear, and there is fragrance of hot water which we did slightly and is hot spring of the really smooth feel. As body warms very much when we take a bath, the blood circulation improves and is said to be "hot water of health" to be effective in relieving fatigue and health promotion. In addition, it is called smooth feel and reason, "Bijin-no-Yu" by alkaline special soap effect called higher than pH level 9. This spring quality is suitable for exercise bath.

Fountain pond

About the use of fountain pond (request)

Fountain pond

Fountain pond which it is in riverbed of the Hida River flowing through the middle of Gero hot-spring resort, and is noted product of Gero Onsen. We can thoroughly enjoy Gero Onsen at opening-like location, and many customers use every day. Temperature paints with high in warming, one flowing constantly from the source which does not pour water slightly in winter slightly in the summer; enjoy, and do. In addition, swimsuit wearing became imposition with man and woman from February 1, 2010. One to "want to enter in nude!" thinks that you come, but please approve by swimsuit wearing.


About cleaning of fountain pond (request)

Because all of you use comfortably in fountain pond, we clean every day. It is available anytime other than the cleaning average, but needs for around six hours to feel hot spring after the cleaning. (as for filling up from 7 eight hours later).

Cleaning time: From 7:00 8:00 (cleaning of around one hour. It is available enough at about 2:00 p.m. 

 On the use, I would like your understanding and cooperation.

Valuable Information

 Please see the following external link about inn and hotel, guidance of the accommodations such as guest houses and gourmet information of Gero hot-spring resort, sightseeing information by all means.

 ・The accommodations     Gero Onsen inn cooperative homepage (external link)

 ・Sightseeing information       General corporate judicial person Gero Onsen tourist association homepage (external link)

 ・Gourmet information    Gero Onsen around guidance - geroguru - (Gero business and industry society) (external link)

Day trip bath facility of Gero Onsen

[kuagaden open-air bath]

 Multipurpose open-air hot spring rest building for the purpose of general health promotion. Six kinds of hot springs bath including open-air bath that can enjoy the murmuring of the Hida River is possible.

 Place  Yunoshima, Gero-shi, Gifu
 Business hours  From 8:00 21:00 (in the reception desk until 20:00)
 Regular holiday  Every Thursday
 Bathing rate  700 yen for adults, primary schoolchild 400 yen, infant 200 yen

 Gero Onsen kuagaden open-air bath

 Telephone: 0576-24-1182

 Facility URL kuagaden open-air bath (external link)

[hot water of white heron]

 Bathing facility where is got close to to local people for a long time. Building is European-style building-like white building, and there are inside bath and break ground of cypress bath. In addition, there is "footbathing of Venus" in front of the entrance.

 Place  Yunoshima, Gero-shi, Gifu
 Business hours  From 10:00 22:00 (in the reception desk until 21:30)
 Regular holiday  Every Wednesday
 Bathing rate  370 yen for adults, primary schoolchild 140 yen, infant 70 yen

 Hot water of Gero Onsen white heron

 Telephone: 0576-25-2462

 Facility URL Hot water (external link) of white heron

 [Yukino hot water]

 Public bath which was added to Yukino hot water inn. There are eight kinds of baths and can drop in casually.

 Place  Kouden, Gero-shi, Gifu
 Business hours  From 10:00 23:00 (in the reception desk until 22:00)
 Regular holiday  Every Tuesday
 Bathing rate  370 yen for adults, primary schoolchild 150 yen, infant 70 yen

 Yukino hot water

 Telephone: 0576-25-2157

 Facility URL Yukino hot water (external link)

Gero Onsen visiting spas bill

Visiting spas bill

One which is recommended to person who wants to enjoy hot spring while taking a walk through Gero Onsen "visiting spas bill." When we want to use bath of inn in a day at time when inn except accommodation inn wants to take a bath, it is convenient.

We can take a bath with a choice of three places from bill participation inn (approximately 25) if we have one piece of bill. Please thoroughly enjoy hot water of Gero Onsen visiting hot springs of each accommodation pride!


Bill one piece 1,300 yen (tax-included)

※Three places are available with one piece. In the case of the next trip, it is available even if we do not use up at a time for six months from date of purchase as it is effective.

Sale point Bill participation inn and souvenir shop, convenience store
Available facility And bill participation inn can take a bath; time is this Gero Onsen inn association homepage Please confirm in).


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