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Good old scenery to be connected to three springs in clear stream

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Gero area recommended spot

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Gero area introduction video (reproduction time: for three minutes 16 seconds)


Start Gero area introduction
From ten seconds It is town walk, Yunoshima accommodation, Onsenji aimlessly Gero Onsen
From one minute 19 seconds Gero Onsen, footbath
From two minutes 56 seconds Gero Onsen fireworks musical


Hot spring resort, Gero proud of three Japanese springs and designation serare, history of 1,000 years from the Middle Ages. Gero-shi town of sightseeing, town walk tour guide commentary of guide is substantial faintly.

Gero area map


Besides, such a place is recommended to person who looked at Gero Onsen area!

Shitajima Onsen

We are known as wound hot water from old days and are hot spring resort featuring rustic scenery along clear stream

Yuya Onsen

With the history more than 400 years, it is quiet hot spring resort known as spa for a long time.

Nigorigo Onsen

We are known as Hida side starting point of a mountain climb of sacred mountain Mount Ontake and are high place hot spring resort eminent in Japan for business hot-spring resort in whole year at 1,800m above sea level.

Cherry tree of Miyatani

We admire figure reflected in rice field by light up with cherry tree in near Miyatani Shinmei shrine unintentionally.

Yasaka shore cherry tree

At the time of night light up of row of cherry blossom trees for approximately 400 meters, figure reflected in shore is fantastic.


Gero Onsen that is famous with the history of 1,000 years as "three Japanese springs" "Bijin-no-Yu".

Gero Onsen

Gero Onsen that is named "three springs of the world" with Arima, Kusatsu. It is water-clear, and there is fragrance of hot water which we did slightly and is hot spring of the really smooth feel.

Footbath spot

You can enjoy various footbathing including footbath of heron and footbath of Venus in Gero hot-spring resort.

Hot water expert visiting spas bill

When we want to use bath of inn in a day at time when inn except accommodation inn wants to take a bath, it is very convenient!


We can taste various experiences only in town of hot water when we go round hot-spring resorts

Gero Onsen joining hands village

Gero Onsen joining hands villageWe open with the other window

It is ten villages of joining hands that reproduced original scenery of Japan at joining hands house village which we removed and rebuilt from Shirakawa-go.

Gero Onsen ideyu morning market

Various shops including blueberry jam, beech shimeji and local sake link the eaves to tomato juice of local vegetables and local special product.

Town gallery of hot water

As anyone becomes able to create picture letter freely free in hall, how about spelling memory of trip in picture letter?

Gero Onsen museum

It is museum where is specialized in hot spring which is rare in the whole country introducing hot spring from both sides of science and culture.

Gero oldness and the history Memorial

Gero oldness and the history MemorialWe open with the other window

Jomon experience to be able to make comma-shaped bead and miniature earthenware vessel is possible. As it is very easy, even child can enjoy in peace.

Light up of cherry tree of 400 years years old and row of cherry blossom trees of Ohashi, Gero is sight in prefecture designation natural monument!

Of rain feeling park hang down; cherry tree

It is said to be cherry tree blooming till late in Gero hot-spring resort.

Ohashi, Gero riverbed

Cherry tree which blooms in river open space under Ohashi, Gero across the Hida River. It is good to walk while we look at cherry tree.

Gero Onsen joining hands village

Cherry tree standing at village entrance of joining hands meets tourist warmly.


Cherry tree blooms on both sides of 173 steps of stairs spreading out to the precincts of Onsenji and directs tunnel of cherry tree at the time of full bloom.

Bed for rice seedlings cherry tree

Sisters cherry tree of approximately 400 years consisting of two huge trees years old. Figure projected in rice field by light up is right fantasy duet.

Around Gero Station

Cherry tree which blooms along doorway of Gero Onsen, the track of JR Gero Station. We can enjoy walk leisurely.

Nanari Nakayama

Cherry tree which blooms to scenic spot of Hida Kiso River quasi-national park, Nanari Nakayama. It can face superb view from the car window of car, train.

Colored leaves spot of the best part including colored leaves to see from the car window of car and train!

Gero Onsen joining hands village

Straw-thatched roof and trees such as "the old Odos houses" of country designation important tangible folk-cultural properties which changed color let classic autumn scenery feel.

Town rain feeling park of hot water

Park which is located near the one of hot-spring resort. Clear stream flows through the center of park, and colored leaves walk is possible leisurely while hearing the murmuring.

Nanari Nakayama

Please enjoy trip of approximately 28 kilometers while being fascinated with colored leaves and strangely shaped rocks mysterious stone of trees of car and train to look at from the car window.


Climb 173 steps of stairs, and overlap with the precincts and roofed passage connecting buildings of tile-roofing if look up, and maple which formed on in branch is beautiful; turn up.


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