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Good old scenery to be connected to three springs in clear stream

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Kosaka area recommended spot

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Kosaka area introduction video (reproduction time: for one minute 05 seconds)

Start Kosaka area introduction
From 16 seconds Waterfall circulation, iwaoritsukyo of Kosaka, three waterfalls
From 36 seconds Carbonated spring of Kosaka

Kosaka area that is located in the foot of Mitake. We have waterfall of big things and small things of 200 or more which run the steep foot of Mount Ontake, and go down and are famous as area where there are the Japan's most waterfalls. We can find magnificent nature in "waterfall circulation of Kosaka" close.

Kosaka area map


Besides, such a place is recommended to person who looked at Kosaka area!

Gero Onsen

Gero Onsen that is named "three springs of the world" with Arima, Kusatsu. It is water-clear, and there is fragrance of hot water which we did slightly and is hot spring of the really smooth feel.

Cherry tree of Miyatani

We admire figure reflected in rice field by light up with cherry tree in near Miyatani Shinmei shrine unintentionally.

Colored leaves of ball dragon temple

Five kinds of maples more than 100 are planted in the precincts, and the precincts are finished dyeing red-hot at time of in full bloom.


It is chosen as 100 selections of Japanese waterfalls, and many waterfalls are natural with waterfall of town, Kosaka eminent Japan.

Waterfall of Kosaka

There are waterfalls more than 200 places including "Neo Falls" which was chosen as "100 selections of Japanese waterfalls".

Waterfall circulation guided tour of Kosaka

We enjoy Nature by "waterfall circulation of Kosaka" chosen by "treasure thing of Gifu"!

Char (char)

Natural fat rides char which grew in river where underflow water of sacred mountain Mount Ontake flows into and it is fragrant and is exquisite.


The molding beauty of "iwaoritsu" which is Gifu designation natural monument is the best part!

Pond hut of Mount Ontake five

Large panorama where the mountaintop looks at a certain mountain hut from "five pond huts" near "five ponds" is superb view!

Many hot springs which are famous with the history more than 400 years as spa.

Shitajima Onsen

We are known as wound hot water from old days and are hot spring resort featuring rustic scenery along clear stream.

Yuya Onsen

With the history more than 400 years, it is quiet hot spring resort known as spa for a long time.

Nigorigo Onsen

We are known as Hida side starting point of a mountain climb of sacred mountain Mount Ontake and are high place hot spring resort eminent in Japan for business hot-spring resort in whole year at 1,800m above sea level.

One-day hot spring of Kosaka

There is municipal open-air hot spring of "iwaoritsukyo himeshagano hot water" characterized by hot water of dark brown and hot spring full of rural beauty.

The four seasons of Kosaka who can enjoy cherry tree and colored leaves which were chosen as "Hida, 33 selections of Mino cherry trees".

Cherry tree of no Suhara

Yahata Shrine in Osakachomusubara. Big tree of cherry tree in the right side that passed through torii is city designation natural monument.

Colored leaves of iwaoritsukyo

Precipice "iwaoritsu" and magnificent contrast of colored leaves formed of lava of Mount Ontake are attractive.

Colored leaves of Mitake panorama line

We can enjoy drive while looking at Mount Ontake from prefectural road toward Nigorigo Onsen.

Cherry tree of Yoshiwara

This cherry tree which stretched from violent rocks of onkeiryushosakakawa powerfully is aged tree cherry tree said to be estimated 400 years years old.

Of Jofuku-ji Temple hang down; cherry tree

It is chosen as "Hida, 33 selections of Mino cherry trees" and is said to be another name "harlot cherry tree".

Japanese apricot with red blossoms of old child

The estimated age of a tree is said to be approximately 700 years and can enjoy beautiful Japanese apricot with red blossoms which did against a backdrop of Mount Ontake of remaining snow on fine day.

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