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Good old scenery to be connected to three springs in clear stream

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Hagiwara area recommended spot

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Hagiwara area introduction video (reproduction time: for 0 minutes 40 seconds)

Start Hagiwara area introduction
From 14 seconds Line Hida coastal highway Harajuku, Hagi, Imperial demesne brewing, the osuwasama middle

Post town, Hagiwara who prosper as the ground of Imperial demesne in the Edo era, and leave feature of old way line. In the middle of town walk, we can enjoy taste of Gero-shi casually aimlessly.

Hagiwara area map


Besides, such a place is recommended to person who looked at Hagiwara area!

Yasaka shore cherry tree

At the time of night light up of row of cherry blossom trees for approximately 400 meters, figure reflected in shore is fantastic.

Sakuranamiki, Ofunato

Approximately 30 rows of cherry blossom trees in the down stream of Ofunato Dam. Night light up must see it.

Colored leaves of iwaoritsukyo

Precipice "iwaoritsu" and magnificent contrast of colored leaves formed of lava of Mount Ontake are attractive.

Cherry tree of Jofuku-ji Temple

It is chosen as "Hida, 33 selections of Mino cherry trees" and is said to be another name "harlot cherry tree".

Of Taro Iwa of 120 years years old hang down, and see, and meet, and, including cherry tree, there is; hang down; a lot of cherry trees are scattering!

Cherry tree of Miyatani

We admire figure reflected in rice field by light up with cherry tree in near Miyatani Shinmei shrine unintentionally.

Of ken*ji hang down; cherry tree

Cherry tree which was planted in commemoration of temple transferred early in the Showa era.

Of Moriyama Shrine hang down; cherry tree

Of symbolic existence of local deity, Moriyama Shrine of four beauty near from south fold health spa hang down; cherry tree.

Of four beauty, Taro Iwa hang down; cherry tree

Of 120 years to be in full glory to stand in halfway up a mountain of embankment, and to fall on passerby years old hang down; cherry tree.

Of eiyoji hang down; cherry tree

Of 350 years to spare beside belfry years old hang down; cherry tree.

Cherry tree of temple dedicated to the Physician of Souls

Of Katsuma blooming from lofty ruins of a castle park approximately one week late hang down; cherry tree. In late years cherry blossom viewing visitors coming by this cherry tree guide increase.

Cherry tree of Hida River Park

Cherry tree which blooms in riverbed park along the Hida River splendidly.

Cherry tree of Sakuradani Park

Cherry tree which blooms in profusion along central mountain stream in park. It is spot where is popular among cherry blossom viewing and walk, dates.


Town, Hagiwara where contact with person is fun.

South fold health spa

South fold health spaWe open with the other window

There is in the vast forest, and various experience lectures are prepared for to find hygiene that there was to oneself.

Harajuku, Hagi

Harajuku, HagiWe open with the other window

Rich nature and town of staying "Hagiwara" of human empathy still look forward to encounter with you.

Hida River hot spring

We can enjoy medicinal herb hot water, natural hot spring while expecting various expressions that the four seasons charm.

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