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Good old scenery to be connected to three springs in clear stream

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Kanayama area recommended spot

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Kanayama area introduction video (reproduction time: for 0 minutes 48 seconds)

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From 16 seconds Muscles and bones circulation

Power spot that first Japanese archaeology astronomy-like investigation goes ahead through, Kanayama with huge stone group. We can taste experience sailing up the times including muscles and bones circulation that can experience cityscape of Showa.

Kanayama area map


Besides, such a place is recommended to person who looked at Kanayama area!

Bed for rice seedlings cherry tree

Sisters cherry tree of approximately 400 years consisting of two huge trees years old. Figure projected in rice field by light up is right fantasy duet.

Nanari Nakayama

Cherry tree which blooms to scenic spot of Hida Kiso River quasi-national park, Nanari Nakayama. It can face superb view from the car window of car, train.

Cherry tree of Miyatani

We admire figure reflected in rice field by light up with cherry tree in near Miyatani Shinmei shrine unintentionally.

Waterfall of Kosaka

There are waterfalls more than 200 places including "Neo Falls" which was chosen as "100 selections of Japanese waterfalls".

What we can experience only in Kaneyama-machi including muscles and bones circulation and huge huge stone group is varied.

Muscles and bones circulation

Muscles and bones circulationWe open with the other window

Guided tour around back alley such as set of movie which cityscape of Showa remains. We can experience nostalgia of Showa.

yokotanikyoshi horn waterfall

It is in Hida Kiso River quasi-national park and can look at four magnificent waterfalls when we trace mountain path of walk.

Kanayama huge stone group

Kanayama huge stone groupWe open with the other window

In a certain a lot of huge stone remains, archaeology astronomical investigation that Kanayama huge stone group is organized is the performed first remain.

Hidakanayama hot spring

Ground, Kanayama of Gifu butterfly discovery are areas of healing to be well, and to give mind and body which modern people were tired from against a backdrop of beautiful natural environments.

Colored leaves spot of Kanayama area that was chosen to Hida, 33 selections of Momiji Mino.


There are four magnificent waterfalls of foamy fall, Futami waterfall, colored leaves waterfall, crowing of a rooster waterfall and can enjoy colored leaves with violent rock and spray with force.

Iwaya dam (higashisenkyokinsanko)

Broadleaf tree of red and yellow to be reflected in clear sky blue and lakeside dark green, surface of the water is colored vividly.

Ball dragon temple

Five kinds of maples more than 100 are planted in the precincts, and the precincts are finished dyeing red-hot at time of in full bloom.


Row of cherry blossom trees for approximately 400 meters and fantastic night light up must see it!

Yasaka shore cherry tree

At the time of night light up of row of cherry blossom trees for approximately 400 meters, figure reflected in shore is fantastic.

Cherry tree of Court Security Office tree

One beautiful cherry tree which it is informed that learned and virtuous priest of Echizen planted in the Yoro year (from 717 years).

takekensakura (cherry tree of bag slope Pass)

Edo higan cherry tree of approximately 300 years to almost bloom on the south end, bag slope tunnel of Gero-shi years old.

Sakuranamiki, Ofunato

Approximately 30 rows of cherry blossom trees in the down stream of Ofunato Dam. Night light up must see it.

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