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Good old scenery to be connected to three springs in clear stream

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Maze area recommended spot

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From 11 seconds The Hida River, seven village ten villages

Sacred place, Maze of sweetfish fishing to win fame in the best sweetfishs in Japan. In magnificent nature and the bank of the clear stream Maze River, we can enjoy camping or barbecue, fishing.

Maze area map


Besides, such a place is recommended to person who looked at Maze area!

Waterfall of Kosaka

There are waterfalls more than 200 places including "Neo Falls" which was chosen as "100 selections of Japanese waterfalls".


The molding beauty of "iwaoritsu" which is Gifu designation natural monument is the best part!

Gero Onsen

Gero Onsen that is named "three springs of the world" with Arima, Kusatsu. It is water-clear, and there is fragrance of hot water which we did slightly and is hot spring of the really smooth feel.

Healing of Maze joining the "village which is the most beautiful in Japan" alliance.

Colored leaves of the Maze River banks of a river

We can enjoy maple-tree viewing while being jolted to bonnet bus by nature and "beautiful Japanese scenery" by harmony with person that we spend long time and make and gave.

Minamihida Mazegawa Onsen

Sweetfish of best Maze in Japan, scenery of beautiful Maze and hot spring. We can spend a relaxed time in green and Nature among clear streams.


We experience magnificent, beautiful nature of Maze.

Old valley whisper nature park campground

The powerful charm of outdoor life can enjoy while facilities such as pension-like bungalow, promenade being set, and feeling breath of seasonal nature.

kaoreotokyampu ground

It is automatic campground spreading out in natural rich forest along the clear stream Maze River which Mt. Kawakami can overlook.

Fishing that is slope of the Maze River

Fishing that is slope of the Maze RiverWe open with the other window

Sweetfish, amago, char, treasure house of good-quality river fish including ajime. It is full of many anglers every year.

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