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Good old scenery to be connected to three springs in clear stream

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We look for in area

Gero area

Gero area recommended spot [February 3, 2017]
Hot spring resort, Gero proud of three Japanese springs and designation serare, history of 1,000 years from the Middle Ages. Gero-shi town of sightseeing, town walk tour guide commentary of guide is substantial faintly.

Kosaka area

Kosaka area recommended spot [February 3, 2017]
Kosaka area that is located in the foot of Mitake. We have waterfall of big things and small things of 200 or more which run the steep foot of Mount Ontake, and go down and are famous as area where there are the Japan's most waterfalls. We can find magnificent nature in "waterfall circulation of Kosaka" close.

Hagiwara area

Hagiwara area recommended spot [February 3, 2017]
Post town, Hagiwara who prosper as the ground of Imperial demesne in the Edo era, and leave feature of old way line. In the middle of town walk, we can enjoy taste of Gero-shi casually aimlessly.

Kanayama area

Kanayama area recommended spot [February 3, 2017]
Power spot that first Japanese archaeology astronomy-like investigation goes ahead through, Kanayama with huge stone group. We can taste experience sailing up the times including muscles and bones circulation that can experience cityscape of Showa.

Maze area

Maze area recommended spot [February 3, 2017]
Sacred place, Maze of sweetfish fishing to win fame in the best sweetfishs in Japan. In magnificent nature and the bank of the clear stream Maze River, we can enjoy camping or barbecue, fishing.

Recommendation sightseeing course

Gero Onsen and set introduce sightseeing course of the prefecture to be able to enjoy

♬ during visiting Hida bus-free ticket release [February 7, 2017]
We take a trip to east body (horse basket accommodation, Nakatsugawa-shi, around Ena-shi) [January 25, 2017]
We take a trip to middle body (Gujo Hachiman, around flower Festa memory park) [January 25, 2017]
We take a trip to Hida (Hida Takayama, Hidafurukawa, around Shirakawa-go) [January 25, 2017]

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