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Good old scenery to be connected to three springs in clear stream

The text

  • Winter Gero Onsen "fireworks story"

  • Event from January through March

  • Joining hands village kimono walk for a limited time

  • geroguru travel

  • Gero-shi oldness and donation banner

What's New

  • Whole Gero-shi introduction
  • Gero area
  • Kosaka area
  • Hagiwara area
  • Kanayama area
  • Maze area


Recommendation We look for in area
We fully introduce charm of unique Gero-shi to be able to enjoy throughout the year! Please look for your recommendation.

Hot spring Hot spring
We can enjoy various hot springs in the city including Gero Onsen of three Japanese springs.

Sightseeing, nature Sightseeing, nature
Experience-based spot is in Gero-shi sightseeing in the whole area. We enjoy cherry tree circulation in spring!

Event of Gero-shi Event
Various events are varied in Gero-shi every season! Particularly winter fireworks must see it!

Gourmet of Gero-shi Gourmet
River fish such as sweetfish or amago which grew up in clear stream of Gero and chicken nokeichan firing, rich gourmet including local tomato can thoroughly enjoy.

Experience of Gero-shi Experience
A lot of attractive experiences only in Gero-shi including "muscles and bones circulation" that can experience cityscape of "waterfall circulation of Kosaka" of authorization of "treasure of Gifu" and Showa!

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