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Support, the furtherance (child care)

We issued "child care pocket size brochure in Gero-shi" [July 18, 2018]
We issued brochure of pocket size to be easy to see a certain characteristic child care information of Gero-shi, and to introduce
Gifu University and cooperation agreement [November 24, 2017]
For personnel training to take the formation, development and the future of a certain vitality community on
Gero-shi Hida Mitake Heights high-altitude training area hotel charges subsidy [April 23, 2015]
Report of present situation of children's allowance [May 8, 2018]
About children's allowance [April 1, 2018]
Child care support system [May 8, 2018] of child with a disability home
The under 2018 3 years old child childcare space situation and admission procedure [January 15, 2019]
About clubs for after school activities for children (the year, 1:00, long term) use application of 2019 [December 26, 2018]
Temporary childcare [March 29, 2018]
Gero-shi family support center [May 25, 2017]
Cherry classroom (child development support project) [May 25, 2017]
Mother and the child father and son widow welfare fund loan [January 18, 2010]
Money of Gero-shi child welfare (family of mother and child, motherless family) [May 27, 2008]
Gero-shi high vocational training promotion stipend (single-parent home support) [May 26, 2008]
Gero-shi independence support educational training stipend (single-parent home support) [May 26, 2008]
Any vaccination (Gero-shi child care support vaccination business) of adult [October 1, 2018]
Routine immunization [April 1, 2018] of child
Any vaccination (Gero-shi child care support vaccination business) of child [April 1, 2018]
About the expense furtherance that "examination of newborn baby hearing" requires [April 1, 2018]
Grant (2018) of mother and child health handbook [April 1, 2018]
High school student attending school bus assistance system [March 12, 2018]
Gero-shi scholarship fund [December 1, 2018]
"Payment" is interest-free for entrance into a school of higher grade to junior college, university, and Gero-shi scholarship fund is "loan" system to do for high school, entrance into a school of higher grade to higher professional school.
Gero-shi attendance at school support system [December 1, 2015]
It is system to support expenses such as school things costs or school lunch fee in child student that it is difficult to let child enter school by economic reason in protectors registered at elementary and junior high school of Gero-shi