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Support, the furtherance (tax, life, house)

About original use office work in social security, tax number system (my number) [March 28, 2017]
Population and the number of the households [January 4, 2019] of Gero-shi
About shortening of pension receipt qualification period [June 30, 2017]
Issuance of various tax certificates [December 20, 2018]
About reduction of taxes of prefectural tax accompanied with heavy rain [July 12, 2018]
To company all of you that receiving of notice of special collection amount of a tax data is hoped for in eLTAX [April 13, 2018]
We pay our tax easily in house! Smartphone settlement service PayB [April 1, 2018]
Reduction system [April 1, 2018] of national health insurance tax
Reduction measures [April 1, 2016] of property tax for new house
About reduction measures of property tax accompanied with house repair [April 1, 2016]
Procedure [April 1, 2016] when owner of fixed assets died
About person of involuntary unemployment reduction of taxes system [April 30, 2014]
Guidance [September 7, 2015] of compound agriculture bookkeeping lecture
Walls made of blocks founded removal costs assistance business [October 1, 2018]
As walls made of blocks founded supporting system for removal costs from October 1, we will tell.
Subsidy program (guidance of H30 year business) for building earthquake resistance [May 21, 2018]
It is news of system about building earthquake proofing diagnosis assistance
About supporting system for wooden house earthquake resistance (guidance of 2018 business) [May 21, 2018]
Wooden house earthquake resistance is guidance of system about (free earthquake-resistant diagnosis, earthquake-resistant repair construction cost furtherance, earthquake-resistant reform construction cost furtherance, retirement construction cost furtherance)
About supporting system for building blowing asbestos investigation (guidance of 2018 business) [May 15, 2018]
We support for expense to need for blowing asbestos-containing investigation to be carried out in private building.
About search of support system (subsidies) about house [July 10, 2017]
Septic tank setting maintenance business subsidy [March 26, 2014]
We supply Gero-shi flush lavatories with remodeling fund interest [October 28, 2011]
We assist setting expense of PV system in 2018. [April 1, 2017]
We issue bounty to resource recovery business. [March 1, 2017]
State [as of the end of March] of new clean center maintenance construction [April 25, 2018]