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Disaster prevention, firefighting, first aid

At the time of disaster prevention, firefighting, emergency guide - what-if

It is guide about disaster prevention, firefighting, first aid

About refuge [July 28, 2017]
Lifesaving measures [procedure of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (adult)] [June 27, 2017]
We protect the body from fire [March 13, 2013]
We protect the body from storm and flood damage [March 13, 2013]
We protect the body from earthquake [March 12, 2013]
Possess in case anything happens [March 12, 2013]
What kind of time is it ambulance, to be necessary? [September 9, 2011]

Disaster prevention map

It is guide of map about disaster prevention

About Gero-shi earth and sand disaster hazard map [June 13, 2018]
Hida River flood hazard map [March 12, 2015]
Easiness of Gero-shi earthquake shaking map, degree of risk map [April 1, 2009]
We made easiness of shaking map for earthquake, degree of risk map in Gero-shi in 2007.

First aid

It is guide about first aid

First aid treatment Web class [June 8, 2015] by "e- learning"
Time ... (about pediatric care) of disease, injury of child [November 4, 2010]
Gero City holiday medical office [May 20, 2010]

Disaster prevention, firefighting

It is disaster prevention, guide about firefighting

About door-to-door receiver of report radio [September 20, 2018]
We start announcement of "special warning" about the weather in August, 2013. [July 1, 2013]
Result of a measurement [April 1, 2013] of space radiation dose
Disaster prevention information collection of links [September 21, 2011]
Gifu earth and sand disaster caution information [July 28, 2008]

Disaster prevention-related plan

It is guide of plan about disaster prevention

Gero-shi regional plan for disaster prevention [May 25, 2018]
About Gero-shi nation protection plan [February 26, 2018]