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Author of "Somo Kato tradition comics" was decided

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Author of "Somo Kato tradition comics" was decided

For recruitment of Somo Kato tradition comics authors, thank you very much for a large number of application from the city outside.

As a result of fair examination by choice Committee, author of Somo Kato tradition comics was decided.

Somo Kato tradition comics author

Bare hair character


   "Cosmos (in autumn) teacher / Gifu"


   Contribution work: Steam locomotive and orange juice




※Somo Kato tradition comics are going to release WEB from April, 2019.


Somo Kato (lie already)

Bare hair photograph

Somo Kato is haiku poet from Gero-shi that lived in the Meiji era from the late Tokugawa period.

Bare hair which went on a trip circuit of Kansai, Kyushu in 1852 deepened interest to foreign countries in Nagasaki.

On January 28, 1860, we departed from the Shinagawa offing in U.S. warship Powhatan as one of 77 Shogunate Japanese mission to America followers for Osamu enthusiast commercial pact instrument of ratification exchange in Japan and the U.S.

After having dropped in at Java, Hong Kong via Cape of Good Hope visiting Hawaii, San Francisco, Washington, New York, on September 28, the same year, we arrived at Shinagawa Port at the age of bare hair 36 years old safely.

There is not person who achieved round-the-world trip in those days, and this voyage is the first among Japanese; around-the-world.

However, storm of revering the Emperor and expelling the barbarians raged, and Japan where party went back to at the time might not tell government officials of mission for fear of execution about Japanese mission to America.

Meanwhile, bare hair which we accompanied as mere cook did not have scary thing and showed eloquent return home story in each place.

The contents are gathered up as "two telling a story at night" (futayogatari) by vassal Masanobu Mizuno of Owari feudal clan avenue servant of a Buddhist temple, and we are kept now by mugwort left library (hosabunko) of Nagoya-shi.

In addition, bare hair left all of information in diary, 31-syllable Japanese poem, haiku, picture in ready writing very much, and it was valuable document in the Japan and the United States Osamu enthusiast history.


Contact information

The Gero-shi government office Kanayama Community Promotion Section Somo Kato tradition business person in charge

Phone number 0576-32-2201 fax: 0576-32-3336


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  The Somo Kato Memorial


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