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The twelfth Gero Onsen hot spring table tennis meet

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The date

Hot spring table tennis meet

From April 20, 2019 to April 22, 2019

About event

"Enjoy" table tennis in one of three Japanese springs "Gero Onsen", and "relax slowly" in hot spring; with participant perform meeting for the purpose of having do "encounter carefully".

We wait for a large number of participation of all of you.

The twelfth Gero Onsen hot spring table tennis meet summary

[the date] It is three days on Monday for 22 days from Saturday, April 20, 2019

[venue] Gero interchange hall address: 2270-3, Mori, Gero-shi, Gifu telephone: 0576-25-5000

[sponsorship] Gero Onsen table tennis meet executive committee

[control] Association of Gero-shi table tennis

[support] Gero-shi, Gero-shi Board of Education, (no company) Gero Onsen tourist association, Gero Onsen inn cooperative, Gero business and industry society

       Gero-shi convention bureau, Gero interchange hall, Yomiuri Shimbun, Chunichi Shimbunsha, Gifu newspaper publisher

       Table tennis in Japan (nittaku), company victas, company Yasaka, yorajapan

[event] Large ball

[participation qualification]

  1. Age standard assumes age as of April 1, 2020.
  2. The participant number of people assumes around 500 first arrival on account of the venue.

[participation fee] ◎Singles 2,000 yen/ ◎ mixed doubles 3,000 yen/set ◎ man and woman double 3,000 yen/set

[the application deadline] Friday, March 1, 2019 postmark valid (in the case of FAX, it must arrive)

  • When there is not the delivery (transfer) of participation fee, please note that entry is not made by application date.
  • We cannot receive participation request with telephones after the application date. Please understand.

[reference about meeting, lunch]

  • Association of Gero-shi table tennis's chairperson Kenichi Katada telephone: 090-2688-2297

Application method

  1. Propose to attached sheet participation application by the following expectation mail or FAX after filling out predetermined matter.
  2. In addition, transfer participation fee to the following account by application date.
  • ※Please perform note of [hot spring table tennis] and rubrication by all means on the front of envelope.
Meeting participation application and lunch order form destination
  • Address: 〒 509-2311 849, Norimasa, Gero-shi, Gifu Kenichi Katada
  • Telephone: 090-2688-2297
  • FAX: 0576-26-2016

※We take order for lunch only on the first day of the meeting. (lunch, tea set 600 yen)

In addition, about order on the meeting second day, the third day, we accept at stand in the field on the day before.

Thing by participation fee transfer ... by all means following account transfer

[financial institution cord] It is Masuda credit union Head Office sales department 2481-001

[account number] (*) 513491

[account name] Gero Onsen table tennis meet Executive Committee Chairperson Tagao Taki (takitagao)

  • When you are renounced after the application deadline, please note that you do not refund participation fee.
  • Please note that you do not bear responsibility for injury, disease playing a game about this meeting and accident at all.
  • Nurse, please bring resident shiteorimaga, health insurance card by all means in venue.

Competition schedule and event  

[Saturday, April 20 for the first day] 

We play a game at opening ceremony 10:00 at reception desk start 9:30 at 8:30 and start

◆<< event >> mixed doubles qualifier, the final

※Mixed doubles accepts pair between women.

[total mixed doubles age]

(1) Under under under under under under 110 years old (2) 120 years old (3) 130 years old (4) 140 years old (5) 150 years old (6) 160 years old (7) 160 years old or older

[second day Sunday, April 21] 

9:00 game start    

◆<< event >>

[man and woman double] Qualifier, the final (men's doubles accepts mixed pair)      

(1) Under under under under under under 110 years old (2) 120 years old (3) 130 years old (4) 140 years old (5) 150 years old (6) 160 years old (7) 160 years old or older

[man and woman singles]

Man and woman singles qualifier, the final [as for less than (1) 50 years old, under (2) 60 years old, (3) 60-64 years old until the final]

        Qualifier [65 years old or older from (4) in (8) only as for part of the qualifier]

(1) From under under 50 years old (2) 60 years old (3) 60 years old to 64 years old from (4) 65 years old to 69 years old from (5) 70 years old to 74 years old from (6) 75 years old to 79 years old from (7) 80 years old to 84 years old (8) 85 years old or older

[third day Monday, April 22] 

It is closing ceremony after 9:00 game start game

◆<< event >> man and woman singles qualifier, the final [65 years old or older from singles (4) (8)]

Game method

  1. We perform by qualifier league, final round method.
  2. The final round assumes high rank (1.2 rank), low rank different tournament.
  • <note> When there are few participants, we make marshaling in final league.

Competition rule

  1. When pair becomes change (other party renunciation) on the day of the game, it becomes open participation.
  2. We assume new table tennis (large ball) rule. In addition, game ball is 44mm Nitta cuprastick ball.
  3. About umpire, qualifier league designates umpire of final round first game by mutual judgment from the headquarters. After that I would like to speak to umpire in losers.

A lot of commendation eyes

  • From the tournament first place of high-ranking person (group) according to the generation the third place (the prize presentation)
  •   From the tournament first place of person (group) of 〃 low rank the third place (the prize presentation)

Guidance that stays

About staying, the top that you are watching apply for guide book than the following "corresponding file downloading".

[reference about accommodation] Gero Onsen inn cooperative charge: Teruyuki Murase

  • Telephone: 0576-25-2541
  • FAX: 0576-25-5483

Corresponding file downloading

Meeting application [PDF file /86 .16 kilobytes]
Accommodation essential point, application [PDF file /179 .95 kilobytes]


Holding place

Gero interchange hall

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