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Lecture sodium restriction and healthy life expectancy

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From September 28, 2016 to October 2, 2016

About event

Lecture sodium restriction and healthy life expectancy

 "At first promotion of low salt diet protecting health of ... everybody from family"

As business to spread low salt diets for the purpose of regional activation of Gero-shi, we hold lecture. It is no charges for admission.

[the date and time] From Sunday, October 2, 2016 14:00 (the 13:00 opening)

[venue] Gero-shi interchange hall spring hall

[lecture] Sodium restriction and healthy life expectancy

[lecturer] Mr. Manager of Jichi Medical University regional medicine center Eiji Kajii

It is held on healthy life expectancy lecture October 2 if low salt

Announcement & display on the day

◆Why is announcement? One low salt now or publisher Morimoto health nurse (Gero-shi health medical care section)

◆As for the display, it is sampled low salt diet (miso soup) by Gero-shi health mate

       About measurement using sodium restriction meter (city first grader)

Sponsorship, constituency

Sponsorship Gero Rotary Club, Gero-shi

The support Gero-shi Board of Education, Gero-shi Medical Association, Gero-shi pharmacist society, Gero-shi PTA federation


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