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We installed "jumbo kadomatsu" in doorway of Gero Onsen!

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It is large kadomatsu of 3 meters in height!

 We installed "jumbo kadomatsu" of 3 meters in height in front of JR Gero Station of Kota, Gero-shi.

 We perform by Gero-shi, Gero-shi assembly, Koda ward, sponsorship of (no company) Gero Onsen tourist association to have tourist who visited Gero Onsen enjoy.

 This "jumbo kadomatsu" comes to be installed in the station square from 2002, is the 17th in this year. The height of the kadomatsu decorates with too many things using bamboo, cedar, pine, nandin, citron which we cut and brought down at 3 meters from the forest in the city.

 As we install this time from Friday, December 21 to Tuesday, January 15, next year, for the year-end and New Year holidays, please see by all means when you come to Gero. 

Jumbo kadomatsu 1
▲Jumbo kadomatsu = Kota, Gero-shi that we established on 21st, the JR Gero station square
Jumbo kadomatsu 2
Jumbo kadomatsu 3


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