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Public information vomit January, 31 issue

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Public information vomit January issue cover


January, 2019 issue

Main contents Page
Cover: Greeting the New Year
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The mayor, chairperson New Year greetings
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Achievement of 2018 athletic meet Gero citizen

We received evaluation that rice of Gero-shi was high in at international meeting to compete for taste of rice!


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News from Gero-shi
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Daddy and mom and children of Gero

News of channel Gero

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News from health
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News from book

Bulletin board

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Local topic this and that

Town, Nakahara who can hold out together on November 18! We hold sumo meet! 

We tie cord to friend with voice of encouragement on November 25

Local residents touch each service generation together on November 25

We hold the ceremony of field firing of clean center incinerator new 1 furnace on December 3

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All pages
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