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A lot of "is cousin" of Gero; told. 1Day Gero Festa in tokyo (report)

 On June 6, we held the first emigration promotion event (1Day Gero Festa in tokyo) as Gero-shi in "emigration, interchange information garden" in front of Tokyo Station.

 On the day, other than sampling of local cuisine (Hoba-zushi) and seasonal ingredients (Uehara Community Revitalization Aid, Nakamura product), PR corner by all of Community Revitalization Aid which played an active part in Gero-shi, talk live by U-turn person, we opened sugitama making workshop (lecturer: Sota Kumazaki / Gero-shi native place) and were full of approximately 70 visitors.

 Woman who had you look in venue in the weekday day saying it "has been said that there was a phone call from relative and went by all means though we left Gero and stood more than 30 years." Besides we thank for citizen's office workers who had it speak to much Gero-shi including man that one with connection had you arrive by word of mouth of company return deeply.

Person of U-turn talk live
Sugitama making②
Sugitama making③
Sugitama making④
Sugitama making⑤
Sugitama making①

 Will utilize every means in future, of Gero "is, and publicize cousin".

 Tourist, immigrant, U-turn, I turn ...

 We will push forward the making of such town, irregularity that nature and people gather in pleasant place.

1Day Gero Festa in Tokyo [PDF file /1 .64 megabytes]

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