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Please support Gero-shi with oldness of heart (Gero-shi oldness and contribution)

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 Portal site which can apply for hometown tax to Gero-shi using the Internet is following two.

 ●Portal site which we can apply for Gero-shi hometown tax to

   "Oldness and choice"We open with the other window         "Rakuten hometown tax"We open with the other window  


[we established disaster support contribution reception desk form to heavy rain disaster that occurred in Gero-shi]

 June non-; and, under the influence of heavy rain of the beginning of July, much damage including inundation under floor occurred in outflow, floor of earth and sand disaster and bridge in each place in Gero-shi.

 Hidaosaka area where there was damage earlier is area full of many customers enjoying "waterfall circulation of Kosaka" around waterfall of majority made of blessings of mountain climbing and Mount Ontake to sacred mountain "Mount Ontake". After finally regaining turnout after eruption of Mount Ontake which occurred in 2014, they were on the verge, and, by this heavy rain, outflows of bridge connected to collapse and mountain trail of waterfall circulation promenade suffered big damage this summer in autumn best season. In addition, around Kanayama area, a lot of house damage such as the inundation occurs, too.

 Because it is anticipated that much support is necessary for future restoration, revival, we accept contribution of disaster support in the following portal site. I would like warm support from all of you.

※In addition, approve as there is not return favor product regardless of place of residence and the amount of contribution of donor about contribution for disaster support.

     "Oldness and choice disaster support "2018 Gero-shi heavy rain disaster"


 Gero-shi oldness and contribution

 It is this "Gero-shi oldness and contribution" to be able to make thought to want to support oldness into "form".

Please send your feeling as "oldness and contribution" to Gero-shi.

 ・Person who was born and raised in Gero-shi

 ・It is person with memory and interest in Gero-shi

 ・Person who can contribute to natural environments maintenance including hot spring and clear stream, the forest of Gero-shi

 ・Person who is looking for oldness of heart 

 ・People who have mentioned charm of Gero-shi

I would like support from now on so that oldness and Gero-shi shine still more. 

 Six menus which support Gero-shi

 Gero-shi oldness and contribution include "six support menus" and can have you choose use.

 1. ankinafurusato support business "keeping holy life and living"

  We make use for business to wait, and to support activation of town, area emergency management which is strong in safe town, earthquake to be able to live in peace.

 2. "All thank you is happy"; warm oldness and support business

  We make use for business to support town development that we wait, and child can make in peace that we wait, and parent and child can spend in peace that elderly person can spend lively.

 3. "Smile to overflow forever" healthy oldness and support business

  We make use for business to support health promotion which waits, and begins from meal which the medical system made with village of healing of is regulated.

 4. "Connect to the future, and burgeon of Gero"; cheerful oldness and support business

  We keep taste with oldness and make use for the making of attractive hot spring resort, business to support local activation.

 5. "Flap to dream"; is vomit native support business lively

  We make use for business to support activity to bring up rich heart of dream (we play an active part in first rank athlete, the world), children of children.

 6. Oldness and support business of water "sending blessings of nature"

  We make use for business to support activity, symbiosis of activation, city and farming and mountain village of the making of forest and forestry that we lived in to protect beautiful clear stream, and to bring up. 

◆About presentation of thanks privilege (special product of Gero-shi)

 ・We present thanks privilege (special product of Gero-shi) to one that had you contribute more than 10,000 yen with feeling of thanks from city.

 ・Thanks privilege can choose one according to contribution amount of money.

 ・Thanks privilege presents at every contribution.

 ・As I send thanks privilege directly from company, please note that you tell proprietor about address, the name, contact information of donor from city. (destination is limited to the country)


☆Special product from this!

  "Oldness and choice"We open with the other window

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Mount Ontake Iwaya dam lake

Hida beef Rice of Gero


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