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Guidance of new way of working seminar holding to find from here

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The date

From January 21, 2019 to January 24, 2019

About event

Lack of human resources of making of work place X company of woman in the future

Do you not think about problems of way of working and company of woman together to realize way of life to "want to contribute to society which wants to spend time when there is many to want to study when we want to work while doing child care with family" that woman of child care generation expects?

This seminar separates on 2nd of "product for companies" saying "it is female oriented" and holds. Please participate.

On the dates

Female oriented exchange meeting

[the date and time] From Monday, January 21, 2019 10:00 12:00 (the 9:30 opening)

[venue] Gero interchange hall multi-studio (2770-3, Mori, Gero-shi)

[theme] Fitting job of domain + sense of values = you of interest, interest


Type "appropriate diagnosis to think about from life scene" of Part 1 you

To advance to step of Part 2 next? "Let's stare at present me"

[lecturer] Achievement support center carrier counselor Rika Sakai of Gifu woman

[capacity] 20 people


Corporate seminar

[the date and time] From Thursday, January 24, 2019 10:00 12:00 (the 9:30 opening)

[venue] Gero interchange hall multi-studio (2770-3, Mori, Gero-shi)

[theme] We find human resources in the attractive workplace! Productivity improvement! "It is everybody ko eyo way of working reform" seminar


Part 1 Keynote Speech "the key of Gero to solution short of human resources!"

Part 2 talk session "match example introduction of way of working reform, city office which did it, and was good"

[lecturer] Company 16 Research Institute research & consulting part Tatsuo Tashiro

[capacity] 50 people

Application method

Apply for attached flyer back side application by facsimile or email after filling out necessary matters.

[application] NPO corporation mirairo / facsimile 0576-32-3833 / E-mail mirairo.gero@gmail .com

[application date] Thursday, January 10, 2019 

[others] Participation in seminar and day care are free


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