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About entrance regulation area of Mount Ontake (September 26, 2018)

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About entrance regulation of Mount Ontake (September 26, 2018)

Eruption caution level 1 (we note that it is active volcano) is announced now in Mount Ontake as we were announced on August 21, 2017 by the Meteorological Agency.

Around crater declares off-limits of point, the mountaintop area based on rule of Disaster Measures Basic Law Article 63 Clause 1 from two no pond huts in Gero-shi to need safety measures to danger such as the dilapidation of mountain trail and sudden eruption. As you are punished by law when you enter without permission in regulation area, please never enter.

For root that can climb a mountain, is uphill from Kosaka starting point of a mountain climb of Gero-shi side, via five pond huts and two no ponds to mountain rising to a great height ropeway can go through. In addition, we can go up to the mountaintop (sword ka peak) via Kurosawa mouth mountain trail. During opening period of section leading to the mountaintop (sword ka peak), it is from the midday of September 26, 2018 to the midday of October 8, 2018. Thereafter, we cannot climb the mountaintop.

It may be closed to traffic by the situation of mountain trail about routes from the Kurosawa mouth eighth stage to three no ponds. Please refer to Kiso-machi, Nagano for present status.

There may be traffic regulation of road by the municipalities as well as mountain trail. Please refer to each road manager for road information.

You can enjoy sightseeing as usual now about sightseeing spot in other Gero-shi including Nigorigo Onsen.

Please confirm in the following "Mount Ontake regulation information" about entrance regulation range of Mount Ontake.

You collect eruption information that the Meteorological Agency announces and understand activities of volcano, and please try for safe mountain climbing.

In addition, presentation of report of mountain climbing is required when we enter less than 4km by the regulations about prevention of mountains accident in Gifu Northern Alps district and active volcano district from the crater of Mount Ontake. Climbed person, please submit mountain climbing notice by all means.

Mount Ontake regulation information

Mount Ontake regulation information [PDF file /352 .40 kilobytes]

Mount Ontake volcano hazard map

Mount Ontake volcano hazard map (web version)

Mount Ontake volcano hazard map (PDF version) [PDF file /1, 010.61 kilobytes]

Mount Ontake volcano disaster prevention map

With volcano disaster prevention map, we added necessary information (commentaries such as refuge area for, place of refuge, refuge course, eruption warning) to volcano hazard map in disaster prevention.

Mount Ontake volcano disaster prevention plan

We devised this plan in Mount Ontake volcano disaster prevention meeting on March 29, 2016.

Mount Ontake volcano disaster prevention plan [PDF file /9 .34 megabytes]

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