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 Link policy

 About link to Gero-shi homepage

 As a general rule, link to top page with less than of Gero-shi homepage is free. Report to Gero-shi is unnecessary. (sightseeing information top page)


 Please inquire for link to each page except top page (the URL mentioned above) to department in charge described in each page.


 When you install link, please specify that it is homepage of Gero-shi. In addition, you open with the other window, and allow you to distinguish from page of origin of link.


 Please note that you change contents of homepage and address without notice and may delete.

 About problem, the damage that occurred by link to homepage, city does not take any responsibility.


 Link from Gero-shi homepage
 When we link from Gero-shi homepage to other homepages, "thing which is not against laws and ordinances and policy of law" intends for "thing which complementariness is detected in for equitableness, benefit of information, information of city" "particularly thing needing reporting". Please note that, as a general rule, you do not perform other link.


 In addition, link is intended to just provide facility for user and Gero-shi guarantees the contents and does not recommend.

 Because there is not linked homepage under the management of Gero-shi, also, Gero-shi does not take all responsibility about the damage by having used them about the contents.

 Copyright Policy

 As a general rule, copyright about contents (sentence, photograph, figure, illustration) publishing in Gero-shi homepage belongs to Gero-shi. In addition, original work author except Gero-shi owns copyrights such as some images.

  We cannot do reproduction, conversion without permission unless it was detected in Copyright Law including "reproduction for private use" and "quotation" about contents of homepage.


 Please consult with department in charge described in each page about licensing beforehand.

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