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Privacy Policy

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 Personal information protection
In Gero-shi, we establish "Gero-shi ordinance of privacy protection" and establish necessary matter about the appropriate handling of personal information.
 On Gero-shi homepage, we handle about personal information protection appropriately as follows and act for the making of homepage that all of you can use in peace.


 With personal information
 We say information that can distinguish authorized individuals such as address, full name, phone number, address that Gero-shi caught offer through homepage.


 About collection of personal information
 When Gero-shi collects personal information through homepage, we should be provision of information by intention of user.
 We identify the use purpose in collection of personal information and state clearly. We perform collection of personal information in range necessary to achieve identified use purpose.


 We set a limit to the use of personal information
We use personal information that had you provide within the use purpose that we stated clearly beforehand. Personal information establishes in Gero-shi ordinance of privacy protection including case to include agreement of the person; the use may not provide other than the use purpose that exhibited unless is constant.


 Storage, destruction of personal information

 We manage personal information that we collected severely and take appropriate measures against prevention such as leak, misappropriation, manipulation. We discard surely and immediately or personal information that became unnecessary of preservation removes about use purpose.

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