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The general condition of Gero-shi

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 Position and geographical features

 Gero-shi is located in middle eastern district of Gifu, and, in the north, in Takayama-shi, the south, Kamo-gun, the west touch Nakatsugawa-shi with Gujo-shi, Seki-shi, the east in Nagano.

 The Hida River almost flows through the south at the center, and the Maze River is to the west, and the steep mountains more than 1,000 meters rise in the neighborhood including sacred mountain Mount Ontake, and Hida Kiso River quasi-national park or prefectural nature park are located, too; is rich naturally; local.

 In addition, Route 41 and JR Takayama Main Line go along the Hida River, and Route 256, 257 go in form to cross.


The general condition of Gero-shi


 Total area

 851.21 square kilometers 

 The forest accounts for approximately 90% of the whole, and agriculture place, commercial areas, residential area are mixed with flatland along river using gentle slope. It becomes forest (91.05%), agricultural land (1..50%), residential land (0.90%), road and others (6.55%) by land category distinction.


 At least 220 meters of a maximum of 3,052.6 meter above sea level


 (position of Gero-shi government office Gero Government building)

 [process degree] 137 degrees E 14 '49 "

       35 degrees N 48 '09 "

 [altitude] 365.7m



 Gero-shi on March 1, 2004 of former Mashita-gun Hagiwara-cho , Kosaka-machi , Gero-cho , Kaneyama-machi , Maze-mura 5 municipalities were merged of this and were born.

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