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 United States of America Alaska stingy person perception city


Stingy person perception creek

It is the southernmost tip of Alaska, and narrow-minded perception city near border with Canada is town rich naturally of approximately 13,000 population to have misutifiyorudo quasi-national park. We belong to oceanic climate, and winter is the warmest in Alaska and is rainy many places coolly in the summer. "Capital of world salmon" and reason, salmon, trout fishery are prosperous and are laying emphasis on sightseeing now. 

 Interchange begins in 1987 in former Kaneyama-machi and performs mutual dispatch of intervisitation of junior high student and English conversation, Japanese instructor.

 Sister city tie-up day: June 15, 2005






 United States of America Florida Pensacola City

Pensacola Beach

 Pensacola City is Florida eminent resort where white sandy beach facing approximately 60,000 population, Gulf of Mexico is famous. We are known as stronghold of acrobatic flight team "blue Angels" and have U.S. Navy air museum and domestic eminent navy air base.
 Interchange begins in 1993 in former Hagiwara-cho, and acceptance of intervisitation and university student of junior high student is carried out.

 Sister city tie-up day: August 17, 2005








 Hodatsu-Shimizu-cho, Hakui-gun, Ishikawa

 Shiomachi (do waiting) and Oshimizumachi (suppose Mizumachi) merged Hodatsu-Shimizu-cho (hodatsushimizucho) equally on March 1, 2005 and were born. Of Ishikawa is approximately central, and is located to north approximately 35km of Kanazawa-shi, and lead the highest peak of Noto Peninsula, treasure mountain of 637m above sea level. Population is natural rich town among approximately 15,500 people, mountain and river and the seas.

 Interchange begins in 1980 between former Kosaka-machi and former Oshimizumachi, and interchange by intervisitation of primary schoolchild or various sports and festivals, events is performed.

 Sister city tie-up day: February 20, 2006

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