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Flower, tree of municipal emblem and city

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 Municipal emblem


Gero municipal emblem

Overall form expresses "G" of Gero-shi. In the outside line, line of the inside expresses blue "clear stream" in green "forest". Form to spread from oval images health and town Gero-shi of interchange. Orange expresses person and town and hot spring.

 [June 21, 2004 establishment]

  Design of municipal emblem selected three points of candidate adoption from 826 points of works which municipal emblem choice Committee was sent to from the whole country, and, based on result of citizen's questionnaire, work of Hiroshi Tanaka of Toyohashi-shi was chosen.





 Flower of city

 "Rock azalea" 

  In steep rocky place including the Hida River flowing through the city, we make flower that reddish orange is pretty bloom in June. We have strength to be worthy of severe condition.
 ※Official name of rock azalea is "Satsuki".

 Tree of city


  The fresh green of early summer or autumn colored leaves color mountain range in the city beautifully throughout the year.
 ※Maple is generic name of maples including garden variety.


 As for flower and the tree of Gero-shi, Gero-shi flower tree choice committee (citizen representative) selected growth area and life after research based on culture, the history, climate of city;, from ten kinds, was decided based on citizen's questionnaire result each.

 [March 31, 2006 establishment]

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