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Gero-shi citizens' charter

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 Gero-shi citizens' charter

 (December 13, 2013 establishment)

 We have pride in native district, and we Gero citizen brings up rich heart in beautiful nature and aims at livable town together.

 We assume one, forest and clear stream and hot spring treasure, and let's connect with the next generation

 We inherit and follow one, culture and tradition with oldness, and let's bring up

 Let's widen warm contact for one, heart of hospitality

 One will help each other in peace to be able to live

 Let's build the bright future with one, healthy mind and body 


 Gero-shi citizens' charter (English version)

 Gero City Citizen Charter

 ★December 13th 2013, Gero City Citizen Charter was established.

 We, the citizens of Gero, with pure our hearts living in the wonder of this beautiful nature, are proud to work together to enrich our peaceful city.

 1. That we protect our treasures the forest, clear streams, and hot springs for the next generations.

  1. That we preserve our local culture and traditions to grow and protect them.

  1. That we interact with all people in the spirit of hospitality and open arms.

  1. That we will help each other so we may all live in peace.

  1. That we want to create a bright future with healthy minds, bodies and souls.

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