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Guidance of city hall

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 Business hours of city hall

 It is 17:15 from 8:30. (absent for Saturday, Sundays and holidays, the year-end and New Year holidays.)

 The location

 Gero-shi government office becomes share agency of Gero Government building and Hagiwara Government building.

 In addition, promotion office is established every old municipalities area.

The Gero-shi government office location
 Gero Government building 


 960, Mori, Gero-shi

 Telephone: 0576-24-2222

 FAX: 0576-25-3250

Detailed information
 Hagiwara Government building
 (including Hagiwara promotion office) 


 1166-8, Hagiwarachohagiwara, Gero-shi

 Telephone: 0576-52-2000

 FAX: 0576-52-1966

Detailed information
 Kosaka promotion office


 815-5, Osakachoosakamachi

 Telephone: 0576-62-3111

 FAX: 0576-62-3116

Detailed information
Gero promotion office


 801-10, Mori, Gero-shi

 Telephone: 0576-25-2252

 FAX: 0576-25-3010

 Kanayama promotion office


 600-8, Kanayamachoofunato, Gero-shi

 Telephone: 0576-32-2201

 FAX: 0576-32-3764

Detailed information
 Maze promotion office


 406, Mazenamaru, Gero-shi

 Telephone: 0576-47-2111

 FAX: 0576-47-2621

Detailed information

  List of organizations of city hall

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